The Can Am is a game changer


Myth change about trikes. I belong to an MC and riders with trikes pull up the rear. Basically, they can not keep up the fast pace the motorcycles can handle on back roads and runs.

Now here we are with the more powerful Can Am that can handle better then any trike. I couldn't take following the other trikes & decided to take off after the motorcycles. I was able to get directly in formation behind and stay in my position. I stayed in formation through all the winding roads and everyone was amazed how this trike could keep up. When the traditional trikes finally caught up they couldn't believe how I was able to take off like that and catch the other motorcycles.

The Can Am is a game changer. Now the traditional trikes follow me.

The Can Am is a game changer

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  1. My wife has one. I have rode it a few times when she let’s me. Lol. I was impressed with the power and take off these bikes have. The size and yes its a trike, but it’s a rocket on 3 wheels. Very impressed.

  2. You show them John.

  3. I ride with my HOG Chapter the vast majority of the time, and all trikes are staged at the back of the group. I’m the one usually screaming (hopefully not too loudly) "JHC will you move out of my way!", because I know that on my Spyder I can corner faster than the HD trikes….

  4. Spiders rule!

  5. Just got mine last month, love the way it handles. Good luck, and safe riding.

  6. Yeah, I too blew the slow 3 wheel myth too. Catch trikes. Love my Spydee on the Dragon.

  7. I have led rides with both spyders and big bikes. I’ve always had to back off so the big bikes could keep up. They just don’t do curves as well. I’ve also had to blow past yellow lights to keep 6 Harleys from running up my behind.

  8. I took off one afternoon coming onto expressway and spotted 2 wheeler ahead of me, so I just wanted to catch up and see what type of bike it was. Pulled up on this HD 5 o’clock but not wanting to pass, to see what he would do, well you guessed it he sped up quickly and so did I. We went through traffic, on small and large sweeping bends in the road and I stayed on his 5 the whole time. When he exited the expressway, I got a biker wave and a thumbs up from him, I accelerated past him and waved back, this way so he got a good look at what matched his moves for 40 miles. I was a good day!

  9. Spyders take corners differently than bikes. You really can’t take a corner as fast as a leaning bike. I can keep up in the rear but why change the tempo in the pack?

  10. I sorry, but you haven’t learned how to take a corner then. Spyders take corner as good or better that big bikes. Not crotch rockets. Big bikes. Because we have 3 wheels on the ground we get better traction. I don’t like telling people how to ride. Ask a fellow rider who’s been at it for awhile. The important thing is to have fun and enjoy riding.

  11. Thank you, John. It is indeed a great ride.

  12. Maxine Glassberg…tell that to the group of Harleys who had to pull over and let me pass on the Tail of the Dragon! ROFL!!

  13. Me on the dragon on my rts when you cam make sport bikes uncomfortable and they let you go by on a canam spyder now your talking lol

  14. I avoid group ryding whenever possible.

  15. I have taken mine on the tail several time…. I have left cruisers far behind… generally its the sport and dual sport that can keep up or pass me…

  16. Lamont and I did Tail of the Dragon last summer and were having fun until we got stuck behind a bunch of sport bikes of all things. We pulled over to switch rides – I was riding the RT lugging fully loaded trailer. We pull out again and now I’m on the manual F3S. We actually caught up to them again even after pulling over and then they finally turned off. We rode out the rest with a dude on a HD who could ride like the wind.

  17. I too have the new spyder with a bigger engine and love it

  18. Last year on the dragon on my f3s i was kicking the dragons ass lol

  19. This one was there face book page photo of the week

  20. This was my best Dragon run ever! No slow 2 wheelers in front the entire 11 miles. The first time I rode the Dragon on my ST, 2 Harleys and 1 Beemer pulled off to let me pass and that was before I knew what I was doing! Back of the pack? NO WAY!

  21. I have the exact same Spyder as you. Great machine! Ridden with all kinds of two wheelers and kept up no problem. Now have the BajaRon improved anti-swaybar so even better!

  22. Dragon 2015 for me.

  23. The reason I ride back is cuz I feel the other bikes cant see around me….and I dont share my road for stagger formation

  24. i’m new to the biker community. I’ve been nursing a broken foot for over a year now. So a 3 wheel was my only shot to ride. I relly love it though.

  25. PS i’m a Bears fan, my Dad likes Oregon

  26. We ride with a group…some of the diehard HD people switched to the HD trike.
    Since we’ve been riding with theyre all talking about getting a Spyder now…its puts the Harley trikes to shame…we’re in front too now!

  27. I rode mainly with 2 wheel groups in Texas because I’d been in the group riding cruisers before I got my Spyder. At first I rode in the back with one lady who had a HD trike. I couldn’t believe the trouble and agony she had getting that thing around curves. I don’t see how anyone would want to ride a conventional trike. When they say trikes in back, I head to the front. 😉

  28. Don’t put baby in the corner or the back 😉

  29. I have a 09 rs and I think I need to get a different sway bar. Seems like it leans too much. I have only had the spyder for a year so maybe I’m just not used to it yet

  30. Definitely get a sway bar you will love the difference

  31. Get a Lamonster sway bar and laser alignment and the bikes will be trying to keep up with you.
    Love my Lamonster sway bar and laser alignment. My spyder RT corners like its on rails.

  32. Yep this was my f3s with a sway bar with bullet end links and fox podium 1.5 shocks

  33. Got to ask you – I have the identical Spyder – do you have the BajaRon swaybar installed on yours?

  34. Yes and i have federal 595 evo tires too

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