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Question my nephew in Texas has a Honda crf150f, they want to make it street legal but a Baja designed kit is almost $700 with stator rewind, he is 14 average size, what is available in used street legal 250 size bikes thanks

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  1. Kawi Ninja250, a ton of good used ones out there. Ninja300 a little more money but newer/better. Kawi Sherpa 250 in the dual sport vein, not that common but thats a good one.

  2. Should have said want a dual sport bike, I know of some street bikes

  3. CRF230L is not much bigger than the 150

  4. There are used csc tt250 and rx3. Even brand new they are not expensive. Simple to maintain with good resources on how to maintain, makes for good training

  5. One more vote for the XR-250L. Good bikes!

  6. Yamaha XT225: weighs about 238 pounds and has been RTW. Extremely reliable
    Yamaha XT 250: extremely reliable, been RTW, fuel injected.
    Hondas CRF 230 and 250: Both extremely reliable, been RTW

  7. Thanks for the info men, I knew of a couple of these but wanted to give them a good list to look for, my cousin has no knowledge of bikes although he has ridden dirt bikes a little when he was younger, his son wants them to start riding dirt roads and trails, this will help them know what to look for, thanks again

  8. KLX250 or a WR250 would be your best bet.

  9. My average size 14 YO was riding a XR400. ….but a DS/ADV bike does no good without a license. Not sure what the goal is.

  10. The Yamaha XT250, Kawasaki KLX250, and Honda CRF250L are all great bikes and around the same price range (under $5500 MSRP), something to keep in mind, though, the KLX and CRF are few inches taller than the XT250 (seat height of 35 inches vs. 32 inches).

  11. You just need tail/brake/headlamp, 1 mirror, horn, dot tires.

    Run LED and see if other model stators will fit.

    I street legaled my xr400 for about 100 dollars, minus title fee and inspection.

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