MotoZ TRACTIONATOR DESERT HT tires for the Tenere, should I or should I not?


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Answers ( No )

  1. You should.

  2. They are extremely noisy you wont be able to hear yourself think bitumen and hard dirt

  3. Who fucking knows what kind of tires you will personally like. Do you need strangers to pick out your clothes too?

  4. Who knows. Make a decision and ride.

  5. I ran that rear tire. Great tire great traction and it wore great but it is a loud tire on hard pack and roads

  6. Tyres it’s not a Catholic wedding
    I buy a different one Everytime pretty much

  7. Motoz says to run a tubeless type tire on rear, making the adventure the only viable option. But guys on the forum are running the desert and Rallz rear with no problems. Just the weight of the bike they suggest heavier duty side. wall

  8. Little noisy. But works for me.

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