Tenere 700 aftermarket foot pegs


Evening all,

Could anyone recommend some aftermarket foot pegs that give good grip when standing?


Tenere 700 aftermarket foot pegs

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  1. I have privet Pegz on my S10 and Camel adventure on my T7 and I find no difference in the 2 and the Camel are more than 1/2 the price.

  2. twenty tipeg for wr450 i use very good and half the wieght of the standard pegs. 85 pounds at 24mx. wide and loads grip on them.

  3. T7 rally, 30cm lower and a bit further back. Great for standing.

  4. Agreed T7 rally are the ones to fit lowered or not.

  5. T7 Rally…no question ,I ran a file over the serrations….personal choice as they are very aggressive..well made product.

  6. Bosley pegs on FB. Get Them made to you own specs. These – 2 Cm standard size. 103 euro shipped.

  7. I’ve got touratech well happy with them and the not to big

  8. Yamaha WR450F foot pegs.

  9. I ordered these blue foot pegs from a company called ‘ZETA’ hoping they’d be BIGGER and they are … 57 mm wide compared to the 52 mm wide OEM pegs .. but I f****d up because what was a bit more concerned with was LENGTH ‘which is what I THOUGHT WAS the width. I hope they a bit longer too … the stock pegs are just TOO DAMNED small u0040 3.5′ …. I need like a 4.5’ would feel nice and secure and reliable on dirt and street …

  10. Fastway pegs. Love their stainless Evo series and have them on both my WRRs. Deciding if I want those of the longer Adventure ones for the T7. Will have one or the other by spring.

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