Tail tides 2015 R1S


Hi new to the r1 family just brought a 2015 r1 completely different monster from my Bmw s1k both incredible machines in there own right my question is could you guys and girls show me tail tides you fitted to your 2015 r1s

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  1. I haven’t got any photos, but there is only ever one tailtidy, evotech!!

  2. Naughty little under tail one

  3. Congrats on the bike btw, I test rode two S1k before I got my R1, love the S1ks but it had to be the R1

  4. Try the genuine Yamaha one,I’ve used it on my 2016 & 2018 R1M

  5. Cheers Gareth Millican s1k are awesome machines I was gutted when it was stolen but the r1 was always a bike I wanted to own so I guess sliver lining and al that Luke Terry what tail tidy is that ?

  6. Graves is nice and tidy

  7. How often do you use the bike? Reason i ask is because I have the Yamaha one and after running it through winters (i use the bike everyday) the metal has corroded so badly it looks like something that has been fished out of the ocean. Never again. Evotech is the one i would go for if i did it again.

  8. Have yoshi on mine and it looks tidy!!

  9. Dunno what it is can find out if you want but the best there is imo

  10. Hotbodies. Congrats on the R1!! Love the shit out of mine!

  11. Not a very good pic will send better 1 tomorrow mate

  12. Black ones are faster lol

  13. The Yamaha one is nice. Suits the bike well. The evotech one is quite bulky in comparison. Get yourself some JL designs indicators and looks even cleaner

  14. Rob Bateman already ordered them along with the smoked out break light just trying to find tail tidy that will tidy the back end up now

  15. My tail tidy

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