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Hey Folks, Got a question for ya. Why do I see a lot of folks putting a swivel hitch on their trailers. I’ve pulled a lot of trailers and never saw the need for one – including riding the hills and hollers on an ATV pulling a trailer.

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  1. The only reason I have one is in case the bike falls over while hooked up. Don’t want anything getting bent. I agree with you as to not needing it will towing down the road. Just an insurance policy. Imo

  2. It’s not needed if you pull with a trike but I have heard people say if you’re pulling with two wheels it’s just a safety factor so the hitch doesn’t bind by chance

  3. I’ve flipped a trailer, thankful for the swivel hitch or the bike would have gone over too.

  4. Actually the swivel hitch handles better in the twisties if you like playing in the corners. I’ve run many miles without one and also with a swivel hitch. I can feel the difference in the corners, I ride hard into and out of corners, most don’t ride the way I do. 100,000 miles in the past 4 years, @80,000-85,000 towing tent campers and cargo trailers behind my 08 wing.\nIs a swivel needed? No. But there is a difference in feel of the trailer handling. To each his own in how you ride and your comprehension of the input of your ride.

  5. Totally agree Stu Brown, each to their own. I tow with a ZX14 and I don’t stuff around in twisties either. I like the confidence I have in my trailer and tow gear.

  6. I have one, not so much for handling while towing, but for peace of mind while doing parking lot maneuvers. I’ll admit to dropping my bike, while standing still/going slow. If I’d done with the trailer hitched on, I’m sure I’d have bent or broken parts, ruining my trip.

  7. Thanks for the insight and input.

  8. I’ll admit that sometimes I forget I have the trailer on there. And more than once the limitation of the ball has about thrown me into a ditch when I go to throw it into a corner. Should not be an issue with a trike at all. Just like towing with any rig, you just have to be mindful of what you’re doing.


    I modified my hitch so as to have something like 70 deg. tilt I hogged it out so even if I’m in a turn i still have it. It really is for peace of mind but if you ever have to lay her way over there you go. I did see one made with an end of a tractor arm. Literally the trailer could roll over and not come undone.He just had a bolt throw it instead of the ball. and the threaded part into the tongue of the trailer. Hope that helps.

  9. i’ve run a regular hitch fer quite a while but, the first time my bike decided to fall down it twisted the trailer tongue pretty good, i had to cut the end of the hitch off and block the tongue. i then made twin ends with zerk fittings and a 1 inch grade eight bolt and nuts where the twist use to be. i’ve had no problems since. i just wait till the next time the scooter decides to lay down…

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