Struggling with dash wobble…


Hi folks, newbie here 👋 Sorry to start with a question that’s probably been asked a million times… Picked up my new T7 a couple of days ago and struggling with ‘dash wobble’… Anyone got an idea to fix? Many thanks 🙏🏻

 Struggling with dash wobble...

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  1. Welcome to the group! What signal lights are those?

  2. Camel ADV makes a stabilizer.

  3. I agree with Paul and Christian. Camel ADV anti-bobble-head. I have one and it eliminated the dash wobble. Be sure and watch Cory’s video on it. It was straight forward to install and the video was spot on with its tips too.

  4. Camel ADV get the protector too

  5. Just stick a teddy bear down the back of it works a treat

  6. Camel ADV put the bobble head bars in u0040 50 km 5,000 k now and not another shake – helps the headlight also

  7. Just put a peace of rubber left and right side between fairing and inner plastics and nothing will wobble any longer.

  8. One guy said he keeps his spare tubes there. Maybe kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

  9. wobble from 60km/h and below…. ???
    pirelli tyre …!!!!! got my replaced and wooble gone….

  10. Camel ADV anti bobble head fitted it 3 weeks ago and sat Av is Fock solid

  11. I was also considering the Camel ADV stabilizer but the arguement that there was probably a very good reason why Yamaha designed the flexing made me think.
    Years of R & D for the T7 cant be wrong can it?

  12. Why would i spend so much money for some anti dash wobble??? Put piece of rubber and gg… spend money on dinner with gf 😀

  13. I really like my Camel ADV ABH. One of the best buys so far put it in 3000km ago mostly off road FSR and logging roads really impressed

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