Steering damper for 2014 R1


Does anyone have a steering damper they would be willing to sell? I have a 2014 R1

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Answers ( No )

  1. No Mine has a stock one

  2. I want a top mount one that I can adjust

  3. The stock ones pretty great.

  4. You can get an Ohlins, but I believe they mount the same

  5. Ohlins makes an adjustable
    One on top I thought?

  6. I think it uses the original mounting location

  7. I checked, it’s stock position mounting

  8. Is it still adjustable?

  9. They don’t have a top mounting option?

  10. They’re adjustable I believe. And I believe for our year all of them are the original mounting location

  11. Okay, rookie question, is the stock damper adjustable at all?

  12. You haven’t had problems with slapping on the oem damper?

  13. It’s a little wobbly under hard acceleration and the front wheel feathers but never a problem

  14. That has been my experience. Hard acceleration it gets some wobbles and I had a close call with hitting a minor crack in the road taking off hard which made the wobble more extreme, but in the corners going fast it has done the job well for you?

  15. Yep, never had a problem, only with the minor wheel lift is when it got wobbly

  16. Nice yeah I don’t have a ton of experience in the corners on my r1 so that’s good to know

  17. I’ve contemplating getting the Ohlins, if I do I’ll let you know.
    But the stocks ones been great so far

  18. Nice yeah Definately do!

  19. I got the GPR on my 14 because of the adjustability on the fly which is REALY useful especially at slow speeds. I love the GPR honestly. Ha it about 6 months so far. I thought about the ohlins but got the GPR for only that reason

  20. i had one hair raising experience. wobble under high acceleration. it kept the bike up right but wobbled so much i had skid marks in my panty.

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