STD 500 or CLASSIC 500


Looking for a everyday city bike. Looking for STD 500 or CLASSIC 500. Which is better? Please help me choose!
Question owner: Sudhir

Mansoor Khan: Both are really great,but first do a test drive, select one which is more comfortable for you to drive

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  1. Std 500 more than better

  2. I would not want to get an STD, much less an STD 500! That must be really disgusting.

  3. Whats happening to the world?

  4. I dunno without owning a RE how come people joining this group. Now a serious checks and measures to be adopted.

  5. Std 500…. Best choice for Retro look as well as the Comfort…

  6. STD 500\nAny day

  7. Of you want city riding 350 is enough

  8. standard 500

  9. Going for 350 won’t make you regret though, coz you mentioned you’d use it for city rides.\nModifications work well for 350 as well

  10. So the majority is STD 500…

  11. Try thunderbird 500X-350X

  12. Activa le lo bhai

  13. Please don’t take royal Enfield bikes. I am facing lot of issues. Still not rectified

  14. Standard 500 without any doubt….

  15. According to bs4 engine . Both are fuel injection . Same engine and milage. Only single seat and dual sear different . Nothing other than that.

  16. Go for classic 500 too good to be true for traffic and in city ride

  17. standard 500 with carborater not fi

  18. Stndard 350 or classic ot is better or classic crome

  19. Splendour plus.

  20. Get an Electra. Std 500 will be too hot to handle in cities like bangalore. True that its nothing shorter than DELIGHT on highways but certainly not for start n stop traffic.

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