Stainless steel decat pipe for a 2014 R1


Bought a stainless steel decat pipe for a 2014 R1. My question is does it need the heat shield fitted. As you can see there is no bolt holes for it compared to the original. Has anyone ever used it or experienced any issues. I can tig weld some on fixing if needs be, but if it is fine I'll carry on.. Any advice appreciated.

Stainless steel decat pipe for a 2014 R1

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  1. Dont need it

  2. Mine was exactly the same on my 4c8 I left it off and it was absolutely fine nothing melted lol

  3. Thanks lads, if I end up with 3rd degree burns then I’ll wish I had fitted it. But until then I’ll carry on.

  4. Haha your ass does get abit warmer with a decat when stuck in traffic lol

  5. Your going to have fun fitting that mate wrong shape

  6. Modified a friend’s R1 not too long ago & fitted an Akra link pipe. Came with a carbon heatshield

  7. I have a titanium one with the fixings but due to it looking so nice fitted at first without heat guard.
    My legs got to hot so fitted guard again.

  8. I got a carbon part for behind the rear sets, powerbronze have/had a sale on there 14b carbon bits

  9. No need to fit heat shield to the decat pipe, what I would say is that my R1 didn’t run as well with the decat pipe and I had it set up, so I put the catalytic back on and it was so much better

  10. It’s as solid as a rock with the exhaust clamps tightened. Fitted the plastic cover, but phone died. About 10mm clearance all round for the heat to escape, see how we get on.

  11. Fitted a Delkevic to my 2014 with no issues

  12. You don’t need it

  13. I ran my big bang with the akropovic tit decat & cans without a heat shield. Never felt it needed one,if anything I felt it was releasing some of the inherent heat build up.

  14. The heat shield is to take care of the high temps generated by the cat, you don’t have that anymore so I wouldn’t worry about it.

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