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Evening all this is a question that’s probably been asked many time’s before. But as i’ve just bought my first pan european and will be needing a new set of tyres in the near future so what do the majority of me fellow pan european owners use i don’t want to spend a small fortune on tyres but want a set that will last a few thousand miles with good level of grip wet & dry weather. Thanks in advance all

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  1. Hi, and welcome. Quick hint. This was discussed a few days ago as well. You can search for this in the search bar, and choose this group in the options. we a good bunch here. But this may scare you if. Lol.

  2. On with ac above. T30 evo awesome

  3. Pirelli Angel GTs i swear by them and i ride all year round and they are superb in all conditions

  4. Stay away from tyreleader. I recommend bikespeeduk

  5. if it helps i got them avons in march and did so far a bit over 4500 miles on it. not even half way down. and good in rain or dry.

  6. Cheers Thomas i will be ordering a set

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