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Hi guys I have a question for you My st11 has panniers and top box my wife has said we should go camping with the bike problem is the tent is too big to fit in any of the boxes even when it is in its 3 separate parts So I am wondering if there is a way I can fasten it on top of the top box somehow or will it seriously affect the handling of the bike? Cheers

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  1. I’ve seen racks fitted to top boxes but I’m new to this malarkey as I’ve just moved over from sports and naked lol

  2. one on the box, one either side on top of panniers, should help keep the balance right.

  3. Yeah. Not a fan of on top of the topbox myself. Much better on top of the panniers. 🙂

  4. I have rack on my top box genuine Givi, not cheap at £50 but couldn’t find a used one at the time

  5. I av a rack attached to mi top box, strap stuff to it to go to bike rallies all the time, I’ve ad no issues.

  6. where did you get it from?

  7. Can’t really see it on ere, plus a got mi trailer on anorl.

  8. Think it was Fleabay if a remember correctly

  9. cheers i’ll have a look

  10. Try “Glamping” instead – much better !

  11. Try getting a smaller tent, more cosy or so what I do and leave the missus at home with the kids, plenty of space 😁

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