ST1100 Mirror Issue


Hi. I have a question about the mirrors on the Pan. My right mirror is magnifying the image I see whilst the left mirror is a non magnified image (and therefore a wider angle image). The bike was a french import. Is this standard? and if so, should they be the other way around? or should they both be wide angle?

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  1. Sounds like it’s had a new mirror fitted at some point.

  2. Mine are the same on both sides.

  3. I thought that they should be the same – I’ll go and get some standard mirror and a glass cutter and make another one. Cheers

  4. I sent my broken ones to a company, something like cardoormirrors and they redone both for 50quid and sent them back… \n\nWatch the plastic lip round the mirror, it likes to break mirrors

  5. One has been changed for a flat glass, they’re cheaper than the curved glass ones. You can get glasses quite cheaply.

  6. You’ll need some spares anyway…

  7. I hate convex glass, makes everything seem nearer than it actually is ..

  8. There’s a local company that can make a mirror for the bike for £7 so I’m getting one there

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