ST1100 110/80/18 Tyre


Ordered a tryed for my pan and it’s came in 110/80/18 but mine is a linked braked model and just noticed it’s says a 120/70/18…. question is will the 110 be ok?

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  1. I’ve got linked brake also ,need lower profile tyre ,according to manual!

  2. Cheers Ray… new bike to me so only noticed my tyre was different then I looked into it… was curious if I could run the 110 or if it would be dangerous

  3. It won’t be dangerous but you might lose your abs while it’s on there.

  4. Could live that as I have never had it before… but will it fit the rim ok

  5. Yes. It’ll go on fine.

  6. 110mm width.
    88mm sidewall.
    18″ rim
    120mm width
    84mm sidewall
    18″ rim

  7. But are the widths not different? A 3″ to a 3 1/2

  8. Yeah I get that… just don’t want to end up on my arse if it don’t work lol

  9. The only reason it has that 120 tyre size is because it works with the abs rolling distances. \nIf it didn’t have abs, it would have the tyre on it that you’ve bought

  10. No mine has the abs and linked brake system

  11. It’s should have the bigger tyre on the abs model due to the slightly heavier weight. They don’t fit bigger from the factory without a reason !

  12. I know that’s why I’m in so much doubt

  13. The 110 have a rolling circumference of 78.317 inch

  14. The 120 has a rolling circumference of 77.327 inch

  15. If it was mine I would fit the correct size but it’s not my bike . It’s up to you at the end of the day but there will be knock on effects possibly bringing the TCS lamp on as well has the ABS

  16. I was only changing it due to having a metzeler on the front and bridgestone on the rear

  17. There not cheap new so why settle for the wrong one. It will get you out of the shit so to speak but not for long term as I see it

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