Spyder to pick-up truck?


Question, has anyone ever transported there spyder in a pick-up truck? If so how did you put it in, what kind of system did you use?

Spyder to pick-up truck?

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  1. Would it even fit in a pick up truck? How would you keep it from scrapping the front. My 5 by 7 trailer was too small for it.

  2. Better be a wide truck….you would have to clear the wheel wells

  3. We saw this a few years back at the Hollywood Homecoming.

  4. Yes probably backwards like that pic in the suv

  5. Cant even begin to think about all that could go wrong in getting it in and out of that SUV, I would opt for a nice low & wide trailer.

  6. I would get a trailer and it would be cheaper, than it would paying someone to take your truck apart to do it. You can get a flat placed o the back of your truck, but something that heavy, you would have to find like a small hill or something so that when you back up you can stop so that the whiplash of the bed of the truck doesn’t crash the nose when you wheels clear

  7. We have an enclosed trailer that we tow from Ontario to Florida every year!

  8. 6 x 10 single axle aluminum trailer with a ramp. Perfect.

  9. I use a car trailer and fabricated a removable a centre removable ramp works great nothing drags loading or unloading

  10. I have a 5.5 x10 trailer with fold down tailgate – ramp from Tractor Supply I haul mine on.
    I just lay the gate down and drive on, and strap it down

  11. Had to take the fenders to put it in the back of the truck

  12. I have a 7u00d712 enclosed trailer that I use to haul mine. It also doubles as a garage when we’re camping.

  13. We bought a Aluma MC210 for our RT. It has a full width ramp that slides under the deck when not loading .

  14. If you have a flat tire on one of the three tires what do you do?

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