Some people say that WD40 is great for cleaning your chain


I’m about out of chain cleaner. Some people say that WD40 is great for cleaning your chain, I always thought that’s BS. But I have a bunch accumulating (WD40) lol so I figured I’d see what the thoughts are… clean with WD40 or only use specific chain cleaner?

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  1. Just use Kerosene, it works better than 90% of those chain cleaners anyway

  2. Just buy new chain cleaner?

  3. Can I get an ignition system for my chain then? So when I’m riding my chain will be on fire? sounds like a blast lol

  4. Wd 40 base was kerosene

  5. Spay the chain alot and power wash tape a ride 5 min To dry and lube with chain wax

  6. Oh that’s another thread somewhere I’m sure… Wax or Lube? and how to keep it from flinging after?

  7. wd40 works great. i put my bike up on the stand, fire it up, throw it in gear, spray and then i scrub the chain with a auto brush while it runs. Comes out looking brand new every time. Don’t let your fingers get caught in there. use a brush. Brakes will be squishy after cause of the wd.

  8. Kerosene in a spray bottle and small wire brushes from HD or Lowe’s. All the funk just falls right off.

  9. Here’s what I’ve been using… since I ran out of the Lucas oil chain cleaner… tool box buddy is amazing stuff.. this combo works great but for some reason people keep giving me WD… too much for me to use lol


  10. Wd40 worked well on mine.

  11. Wd40 works bomb for cleaning anything metal but key word is CLEAN not lube it’s better then nothing if you don’t have lube but for sure it’s a great cleaning besides all the dirt it attracts

  12. Another low key excellent cleaner is coil cleaner for ac coils that’s what I’m using right now at work plus Motul lube

  13. kerosene is the best thing period. blue kind of course

  14. For tiki torches around a spa at night time or when you have an Hawaiian theme party

  15. WD40 isn’t great idea long term as it is a penetrating oil that will displace the grease. Kerosene is a great chain cleaner that won’t leave anything harmful behind, then use your choice of chain lube. I have a can of motul currently

  16. Nic Hanson

  17. Kerosene to clean chain wax to lube

  18. WD40 works great and doesn’t cause any harm to the chain x-rings. Would recommend.

  19. i use kerosene to clean

  20. I use chain cleaner, pain in the ass cleaning/lubing my chain every 3 days.\n\nSeriously considering trading up for a driveshaft bike

  21. WD-40 works fine for cleaning. It’s basically kerosene with some extra stuff. Harmless on orings and everything

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