Solace Tent Trailers vs Time Out Tent Trailers


Looking for help on making a decision on Solace tent trailers vs time out tent trailers.. Thanks

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  1. We have a time out not bashing solace but a friend has one and after the first use the hardware started to rust spend the extra money and get the quality of time out trailers

  2. We (Trailmaster Inc) sell the. Aspen line of pop-up campers so of course, I would recommend Aspen. But choosing between Solace & TimeOut – DEFINITELY Time-Out! Great people to work with and superior quality over the Chinese knock-off who won’t be there for you if there is an issue after the purchase.

  3. We have a timeout and we love it. But when we buy our next one it will be an aspen or a bunkhouse for the simple fact that all your stuff is stored in a compartment so that the camper can be put up in the rain and your stuff is in the dryer taken down

  4. Got a Bunkhouse, love it.

  5. We have our second Bunkhouse and very happy.

  6. Bunkhouse split off from BushTec. Moved up by Cincinnati somewhere

  7. Their customer service really sucks. I own two bunkhouses and called to order parts to hear they no longer can assist. They didn’t even try. Very disappointed in bunkhouse.

  8. I tried to get brakes n stuff for mine but they wanted to change to drum brakes, way too heavy

  9. I have called multiple time and they have even shipped me free parts

  10. Everyone has there own option and experiences mine have been good

  11. Don’t even have number antmore

  12. Mine were good too when it was bunkhouse, couldn’t get nothing when bushtec

  13. I had good luck while Bushtec owned the company but haven’t dealt with them since the change.

  14. Ya can’t, they just want to sell high dollar trailers

  15. Incase anyone needs their new number. I love my bunkhouse but need new frame work due to wind. This is the guy who didn’t even bother to check my model and serial just straight out said he couldn’t get parts. I hope others have a better experience. I am keeping my I feel like they are great campers.

  16. Im going out to my brothers this winter n see what’s up

  17. 😛 It’s simple! You get the Solace Camper if you need some time alone and the Time Out camper if you’ve been naughty and need to be sent to time out! 😛

  18. Time out sounds a lot more fun!

  19. We all have our different ideas on what camper is best.Do your home work and form your on opinion.Weights,set up,storage and access while traveling and set up,etc..Big expense to buy something and wish you had bought something else.

  20. My bunkhouse is right for me

  21. Time out is a good camper i Have one

  22. Looked at several at Rally’s but my wife doesn’t like to camp much, so it’s tough to argue with her about it.

  23. Please, send me one of each and I’ll get back to you once I can offer sound advise.

  24. I feel truly blessed.This little lady,myself and this rig in 2 trips,a 2 week trip to the New England area then a 3 week out to Billings and surrounding areas,last year was a 10k,30 state tour.

  25. Im retired but I can’t take off that long and listen to the whining on the cell phone. Did get a couple trips to Ohio and the dragon this year.

  26. My Bunkhouse with king size bed it awesome

  27. Mine just has queen size, but big enough for me

  28. Try looking at a leisure light we love ours

  29. Where they out of?

  30. get a aspen they are great .

  31. What Ken said.

  32. I want to go where they are made

  33. Leisure lite or Aspen

  34. I have a solace. For how often I use mine it’s held up well. I use it on long and local trips. The tent is a great canvas, I like the tan color over a blue hue in the sun. I use an air conditioner in the hot days. Doesn’t matter the canvas of any camper, it’s not going to cool much. The trailer pulls good, been on 30 to 3000 mile trips. I’m happy with my purchase.

  35. Howard, I’ve had Bunkhouse, Quik Kamp and now a Leesurlite. They all have value but the Leesurlite is the one that makes the wife happy. Guess which one I’ll be keeping?

  36. A motel room?

  37. Leesurlite is a great camper

  38. I’ve been all over with my time out , never had a problem

  39. time out has great customer service and there’s a few used ones on here for a great price. It’s how I found mine. I haven’t seen any used solace for sale but the few that have posted about them seem to like them.

  40. I like my Aspen Classic

  41. stayaway from solace,cheap made and the poles rust,and takes to long to set up

  42. Look at the Roadman Campers, they are made just outside of Duluth. It’s also a great starting point on the Lake Superior or North Shore tour.

  43. For sale has a/c legal in bear country designed lite for motorcycle

  44. Swivel and retractable tongue

  45. Wwll, I’m going to buy an American made Timeout versus the Chinese made knock off Solace

  46. I don’t have personal experience with Solace but I understand they are made in China and not very good quality…I love my Aspen…Timeout is a good camper also…

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