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I’m not sure if this is the most appropriate place to ask this question but my thought is that those of you that tow trailers may be able to give me some information.
So I am asking about tires. I ride a 2008 Fatboy and I began towing a Roll-A-Home king size trailer. Total weight with gear is about 470 pounds, with a 30 pound tongue weight. My tires on my Fatboy are 200 mm for the rear and 140mm for the front. For years I ran Dunlop’s and now I run Metzler’s. ME888 on the rear . I am lucky if I get 5000 miles maybe 5500 before it’s time to change in the rear. I get double that on the front which is also an ME888. Anyone have experience with a longer lasting tire. I heard Michelin’s are good. I am taking a possible 8 to 10 thousand mile ride and I want to buy a set online and have them shipped to a shop somewhere along the way, and considering most Harley shops only carry Dunlop’s I am going to need to go with Dennis Kirk or something like that while on the road to order them. And no I have no desire to go to the so called “dark side” so no need to mention it. Thanks in advance for commenting on your experiences with tires.

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  1. OK, I was going to snark at this but you beat me to it.

  2. Bought one for my Dad a couple years ago. He loves it but rarely uses the garage part.

  3. I could sit there!

  4. Much nicer than this one

  5. you got me Kate Murphy, I’m a camping rookie.

  6. I bought a 2016 DR 650, to go light camping, all the gear I have was bought at thrift stores, for cheap ( stove, lantern, pots, pan, tent, ect…) be careful with vintage camping gear so you can find fuel, parts ect….everything that I buy is in good working shape, found a primus mighty lite 5400 lantern that was brand new for $10.00, the one thing that cost a lot of money was a wolfman soft panniers for $325.00 I go for a weekend, into the mountain,s and find a old logging road and find a nice camping site. do some fishing, and gold panning, and relax. until I get a larger fuel tank the DR is only good for 150mi or so.

  7. Had to be a fantastic trip

  8. Owwwwwwww Wes Cooley Rep.

  9. There is also a trailer FB group (ya, for real!) you might ask over there. Good bunch of git-r-done kinda guys.

  10. synthetic grease heat doesn’t hurt it

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  13. Is it magic or did they forget to mention that you have to plug it in to an electrical outlet ?

  14. Sounds to me like Michelin Is the winner.

  15. Have always ran Dunlops. Last time put Michelins on,have 10000 miles on em.

  16. This year I am going to celebrate 50 years of riding motorcycles and my 60th birthday by riding up the 191 through Hannigan’s Meadow. Can’t wait!

  17. Its still a great ride, Terry Emerson

  18. My wife and i did that when we got married there on a street glide… ride was great but the glide is not like my wing…i would have had more fun on the wing

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