So I’ve done the red wire bypass


So I’ve done the red wire bypass. But I still have the issue of the main 30amp fuse blowing/melting in the starter relay…….. could the problem now be with the relay or the cheap Halfords fuses I’ve been using??

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  1. When does the fuse pop, just thinking possible dodgy starter

  2. Well today was while I was riding… but this time engine gradually lost the power. Then died, I assumed it was the fuse so took panel off and found it melted. Other times it has just been when turning the ignition on and nothing comes on. Seems to be a more gradual thing as j can’t remember it happening once from a home start.

  3. The alternator isn’t beginning to seize is it

  4. Probably a dumb question but how would I be able to tell Andy Morrissey ?

  5. Not a dumb question at all. Have a look under the bike at the alternator and see if the basket has cracked of if the windings look discoloured. I’m only thinking to check it as a fualty unit could blow the fuse

  6. Overcharging?

  7. Ahh problem with that is I have the old 28amp alternator.

  8. Is there anything I can do about overcharging ?

  9. red wire bypass – helps A LOT and should not be dismissed as it does have some merit – but in my opinion it is not the 100% correct way to solve the problem. I prefer to put an 80amp relay in between – this removes the current from the red wire completely- thus eliminating (rather than simply moving it to somewhere else) the heating problem

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