Snorkeling Z FORCES without losing power?


I dont know how you guys are snorkeling your z forces without losing power I ran 2 in. Pipe and its choked out

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  1. I’m hitting 74mph gps with snorkels on my Z1000

  2. I had to run 3 inch from the throttle body and back down to 2 now its fine

  3. Ran 2" the entire way & it runs better & more responsive. I’ve been up to 68 on the speedometer on gravel.

  4. The existing air intake on a Zforce is an effective 2′ in diameter. It is oval shaped out of the air box, but as I said it is essentially a 2′ round pipe. Running an extra couple feet of pipe will have negligible impact on performance. You may have something else going on.

  5. Relocated my air breather and snorkel it ..had so much air that I had to get more fuel to it..I bought fuel controler tons of low in power and more responsive

  6. I work in southwest Arizona very dusty when we put them on a 1000 we use to filters at the end

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