Slip On or Full System Exhaust For Kawasaki Vulcan?


I’ve just picked my my Vulcan this morning, and the standard exhaust sounds like crap, an I just buy a slip on? Or do I need a full system?

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  1. Full system. Pretty easy to replace. Just expensive options tho.

  2. Not sure a slip on works too well on these bikes but I’m not 100% sure. There’s a decent selection of full exhausts for these bikes that will suit your tastes

  3. There’s deals out there if you look. I got lucky with my TBR and got it for $350USD

  4. I know ,only bad part about these bikes,the custom set up I wanna do on mine is going to cost me about 1,000…to maybe 1,500USD?

  5. If it is under warranty be careful about any changes you make. Kawasaki may actually sanction some after market things so long as they are informed and the parts fitted at the dealership. The warranty differs from country to country and may even differ in different states too.

    • The Moss Magnuson act which governs warranty for non-OEM items is a federal law and is the same in all states. The only difference is that some states (e.g. California) have a consumer protection agency that will aggressively support the consumer if the dealer/manufacturer tries to screw around. The law states that they have to prove that the use of a non-OEM part caused the failure.

  6. how does it sound like crap? I’ve been wanting to understand what people have against this original exhaust

    • Not loud enough I s’pose. Most people buying a cruiser style thinks about the loud Harley exhausts. This bike isn’t a Harley. Far from it. It’ll never sound remotely like one no matter what you stick on it.

    • I like the OE muffler and the sound.

    • At low rpm and idle it sounds like a sewing machine, almost a scooter. Granted i don’t like the massive obnoxious ones the stereotypical big cruiser has. Think I’ll do the drilling method to love it up a little, since i don’t see dropping 1k on a 5k bike

    • Paul Lang Same. I thought about getting a two brothers but ALL the exhausts I’ve seen ruin the look of the bike. The stock pipe is the best looking and sounds fine, IMO.

    • I have ‘issues’ with loud pipes…I use a tiny rear access alley. I’m not one to cause neighbours to start on me. My little bike was LOUD. I went back to OE pipes.

    • I used to live at the foot of a mountain, so when Harley’s would go buy you’d hear them for a couple of miles, literally. Hate those things.

    • I use many little countryside lanes that have occasionally horses and their owner / riders on them too so I think the OE pipes are more countryside friendly.

    • Nick Fitz, drilling holes will help the exhaust rust out faster..

    • Extremely dry climate for me, given past experiences I’m likely to be going aftermarket or using the rest of the bike up first. Commuter 500m/week. But yeah not ideal for everyone for sure

  7. I don’t have it handy but saw a video on yt where just drilling some holes in the muffler actually made it much nicer.

  8. Go Delkevic. Got complete SS set great fitment, awesome sound.

  9. Aussie made replacement AUD$600 in black

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