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Ok got a question. Whats the best sleeping arrangements for 2 up on the bike? Compact tent sleeping bag and a blow up cushion. My 1 man sleep on the ground setup isn't gonna work anymore 😂

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  1. Exped has both single and dual pads. Comfortable and has good R value

  2. My suggestion is that you should take turns while sleeping on the bike.

    Most folks put the napper on the back seat.

    But it’s a free country.

  3. Just kidding…

  4. Get a small trailer and a hitch for the bike , then you have room for a decent tent you can stand up in , and at least an air mattress and some cooking gear for longer stays , etc…

  5. My first and most important question…..Are you intimate with this person?

  6. I suggest the tent you choose is 2 sizes larger then the rating.

    Get a 4p tent for 2 people.

    While sleeping, you lose most of your heat through the bottom of the bag; so you don’t want an air mattress. You want a quality insulated sleeping mat.

    I suggest a good treated down sleeping bag rated for 10-20 degrees below the temps you intend to sleep in.

    Sleeping bag temp ratings are based off a person sleeping in a base layer, like long johns.

    European rated bags are for average comfort level at the rated temp wearing a base layer.

    American rated rated bags are survival level.

    Get a good European rated bag.

  7. I’ve got a 4 person tent with 60" interior height for Solo Camping.

  8. Tell her to bring her own shit ? & to keep it light.

  9. My wife and I found 2 singles better than I double blowup. Too much rolling to the middle. Hard on the back. That was our experience. And blowups can be cold this time of year

  10. Start with getting a trailer. Now that you have a little more room. Get a couple of sleeping pads that are 30′ wide each (together make a queen size bed). As stated earlier, get a 4 person tent. When you go from 1 to 2 on a single bike with camping involved, space is a premium. Enjoy the outdoors with your significant other. Some might call it glamping, I call it comfortable.

  11. We have a 3 person MEC tent. 2 light weight sleeping bags and 2 klymit pads. This weighs under 10 lbs bags and mats fit in side trunks. Tent on trunk rack. Getting a pocket rocket 2 for cooking. First time for me to camp this way. However not first long trip. So learned what we needed. Plus husbands former military he travels light.

  12. Exped Megamat Duo. Check out their bag for the Megamat Duo. Megasleep Duo.

  13. Get a double bag, one less bag to carry, extra body heat to stay warm.

  14. Get two blow up air mattress’s and a 8×9 tent, like a Coleman or eureka and air pump, if you get a large mattress you’ll disturb the other person when you roll over, and make sure the tent is well ventilated carrying away vapor or you’ll wake up wet from condensation dripping off the ceiling.

  15. Does my Blow-Up companion qualify!?
    She’s oh so light, never talks back…

  16. Grab a sniper bag with sleeves for each of ya

  17. This works pretty good… two- man sleeping pad and 4 man tent ! Two poles and a set of stakes. Lightweight, backpacker and outfitter quality! Not cheap, but I’m 45 and a big guy and I sleep comfortably on the ground and it’s easy to carry on my 1290R!

  18. 3 man with two air mats that connects and two sleeping bags zipped together

  19. We use a 4 person tent. 2 REI sleeping pads and sleeping bags.

  20. You will never be happy. Nor her. Get a hotel room.

  21. I got 2 klimit air pads. 3 person eureka tent, and some mummy bags. 10 days in Colorado. Temps down to 40 and never had any issues plus 2 days of straight mountain rain.

  22. When we sleep 2-up on the bike we do it in shifts. Otherwise it’s not very safe.

  23. I have a 4-person tent with full standing headroom and is 2.5m x 4m but weighs only 6kg and folds down and is carried across my rear seat! But it cost over $500….. but hey, you get what you pay for!

  24. what’s your budget ? obviously you can be comfortable, but light and compact are expensive …. i have a full blow up air mattress with electric pump that plugs into my bike ! save weight on tent a little … my sleeping kit is a bit bulky but i sleep like a baby u263aufe0f

  25. I went with the Queen sized mattress (bike powered inflator), Zip together double sleeping bag, and a tent big enough our gear doesn’t share bed space. All fits quite easily into a super tough 80L dry-bag (overkill, really) for transport.

  26. ‘Rant Warning’ What is it with predominantly Americans and trailers on bikes ? If you need that much luggage for your trip your either on the wrong bike or need an SUV last summer I did a 3.5 week 8500km long camping trip around Europe with a total luggage capacity of 90liters on the bike….. that included everything I needed to camp, cook and look somewhat presentable when going into towns…… ‘Rant done’ ud83dude0b

  27. mini mate campers, off the ground and out of the weather and easy pull…

  28. you could get her a MSF course and her own bike and she can carry half the gear u263aufe0fu263aufe0f

  29. My wife and I have 2 Klymit Static V air mattress, they roll up nice and small, yet offer excellent support, even my 280 pound body. We have a Peregrine Radama 3 tent….nice a tidy to pack, plenty of room inside, with a rain cover plenty large enough for boot storage outside the tent.

    I don’t remember the brand sleeping bags we have, but I know they came from a local thrift/2nd hand store for $7/each. We’ve purchased several like this.

  30. The best sleeping arrangement for two up on the bike, is for you to each sleep in your own panier.

  31. I prefer we both sleep in a bed instead of 2 up on the bike.

  32. Ian almost 60 and use a 4 man Walmart tent and Walmart air mattress with a survival blanket under mattress. Travel Canada to Mexico and back each winter and camp all over Mexico. I also use a regular sleeping bag and a blanket

  33. I say get yourself a hotel room. Pitch a tent for her next to the bike to keep watch over it.

  34. Marmot Limelight 2-Person Tent. Nemo Astro sleeping pads.

  35. I ride and camp 2-up. Have one 40l dry bag that holds one tetragon 3 man tent (7′ by 7′ floor), two backpacking cots, two Klymits air pads, and two blow up pillows. 70l dry bag has sleeping bags, cloths, jetboil, and everything else. The only cooking we do at the campsite is coffee. It’s a load on my 15 Street Glide with the second passenger, but we’ve done several trips with no issues.

  36. Get a Wiggy pad from Wiggys. I’ve slept on 27 F in Alaska with these. They don’t freeze. I used a negative 60 degrees Wiggy triple sleeping bag.

  37. I haven’t pulled this yet (in the process of small repairs) but I look forward to a long trip with the Mrs. next year using my new trailer.

  38. Hubby’s rule is whatever we pack must fit in the bags. No strapping anything. This is us packed for our 2nd trip. I’ll post links to our tent and mats below. Granted we can only go for one or two nights because that’s all the time we can get away together with his schedule. We could go longer with the same setup though. We test packed for a longer trip.

  39. Keep em coming guys!!! Thank you everyone for all the help.
    I will say after some of these suggestions I think I now know why I was sleeping on the ground this poor gypsy needs Santa to hook a brother up this year. Be blessed and keep the shiny side up everyone.

  40. We’ve had our Peregrine Radama 3 tent for 5 years. We’ve used it dozens of times.. we rode from Cullman Alabama to the Arctic circle and back, over 10,000 miles, in 25 days …it rained on us 18 of those days, we camped out 19 of the 24 nights….all with this tent.


  41. Don’t sell your old setup, you may want it a few years down the road. Lol

  42. First, your gonna need one of those t-shirts that says: "If you can read this, then…" Bungee cords or velcro might be handy to prevent her from actually falling off once she’s asleep. Of course, the good ‘ole helmet bump is usually a good indicator that dozing off is happening behind you. 😉
    Just kidding!!! Although, I have been known to sleep ride a time or two when I really trust the person in front of me.

  43. 3 man tent rei, 2 single blow up air mattress ( we like big Agnes q core) and down sleeping bags they are warmest and most compact

  44. Field and Stream 4 person.. ours has been toEurope several times with us and many states..

  45. We prefer to hammock camp. It’s the same setup we use for backpacking. We each have our own hammock gear (hammock, under and top quilt), separated by a spreader bar at the head end. Shared tarp. Not inexpensive but useful for multiple activities.

    She also usually rides her own bike, so space isn’t an issue. But this setup is fairly compact.

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