Should I be using 10/50 or 15/50 for 2015 WR450F


Question : I have a 2015 wr450f I’ve just changed oil from a 10/40 to a 20/50 . Is 20/50 to thick on start up , or should I be using 10/50 or 15/50?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Yep. Use 10/40

  2. No 20-50 is perfect for our climate. 10-40 is too thin. Make sure you are using at minimum semi synthetic.

  3. Yeah just used ipone full synthetic. I should of looked at the Manual because it states 20/50 is fine .

  4. Be careful with the ipone mate i tried that oil in mine (same bike) and had real bad clutch drag to the point that i had to adjust all the play out of my lever and it would still stall going into 1st unless i was rolling. Ended up swapping it out for motorex and its heaps better.

  5. ^ that relates to the oil viscosity, not the brand

  6. Exact same weight as what he got mate.not saying he will have the same problem just thought id let him know incase he does

  7. The weights are nominal and actual viscosities will vary

  8. Motorex is also my preferred brand. Quite inexpensive and recommended by the KTM manufacturers so it must be good!

  9. Oh jees… It's on KTM so must be good.
    Red Bull must be good for your health too.

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