Shinko 777 HD Tyre


Anyone using Shinko 777HD tyre on their Ultra? Please provide a review. Thank You

Bryant Steele:
Shinko is “Sub standard” brand. Id only put those on s bike i was selling to somebody i didnt like. BTW this is just my Opinion
Marc Frigon:
 Yup ran one for 1,200 miles and it was toast, The island roads eat rear tires here with all the hills and curves. The 777HD is only 72 weight rated a bit light for the Ultra Classic and if you ride 2 up even worse, JMHO

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Answers ( 7 )

  1. Only Dunlop`s USA made.

  2. I have it on mine good tire for the price.. maybe 3000 miles on it

  3. Had them on my 02 Electra glide classic and the rear didn’t even last 5000 miles. I like the Michelin commander

  4. I like Dunlop American elite

  5. I thought about the Shinko’s for my 07 Classic. I was advised against them by the dealer I use. They said that the Shinko’s were to soft for a bagger. I have used Michelin Commanders ever since. 100K miles so far and no flats or issues!

  6. I had badddddd luck. They wouldn’t balance. I threw them away. I wouldn’t dare give them away.

  7. So far so good for me

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