Shimano 105 components?


Can SRAM Rival and force components mix with shimano 105 components?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Nope! Different actuation ratios!

  2. Providing you are talking about shifters and derailleurs.

  3. Nope 2 to 1 ratio on SRAM

  4. The only parts that are compatible are cassettes and cranks. Shifters and derailleurs can't be mixed.

  5. It's never good to mix and match any drive train components (even though the guy at the shop says you can). It should all be the same stuff. Could save a lot of aggravation over time.

  6. Tanpan has a converter. Not sure how well it works

  7. Sram has a different pull ratio to Shimano….

  8. Thanx for the help everyone!
    I didn't think they could be mixed just making sure

  9. very unwise. From almost every attempt I've dealt with, indexing conflicts with shifter and derailer, . OK for the anything else, except maybe splined crank parts. Square taper is OK

  10. Lennard Zinn is a feature writer with VeloNews.. he often features questions and solutions to mixing Shimano SRAM & Campy

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