Shell Rotella T6 For CBR600RR


Oil question. I know it’s been asked. I want to run rotella t6. What weight do you guys use and how many quarts do I buy? And what brand filter dose everyone like? I’m a oem guy. Thanks in advance for the reply. Pictures of my 36k miles cleeeeean RR from Topeka Kansas



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  1. If your gonna run rotella it needs to be t6 and I run Honda oem or hi flo filter

  2. Ok. I thought it was t5. Glad you chimed in. Hahaha

  3. T5 is not rated for a wet clutch. T6 is so run that, do not run T5.

  4. Got it. Now what weight and how many quarts.

  5. There is only one weight of T6. I believe its 10w40. It’s just fine I use it in all of my bikes. I don’t know how much oil the CBR needs but one of the gallon jugs should get you there I would assume. It always been enough for my bikes (FJR, RC51, VFR 800).

  6. 3.2 quarts usually I start at 3 quarts and add in anywhere from .1 to .2 extra

  7. Do some research dont listen to that rotella shit. Go get u synthetic honda oil

  8. Yea I don’t recommend it either.

  9. Run the rotella it’s great job insurance for us engine builders.

  10. They’ll never listen to us track guys. We know every inch of our bike but nothing about there bike is how they think

  11. Shit most track guys are running rotella

  12. I use full synthetic and a k&n filter

  13. Ya i NOT run a k&n filter on anything i own.

  14. Mobil 1 4t and a k&n. Sold it running like a top with 36k mi.

  15. What is wrong with using Honda full synthetic?

  16. Motul 300v is where its at. A little pricey, but had a noticeable difference in shifting feel after switching

  17. I’ve run t6 a few times. It’s not bad, but I had to change it more frequently than better stuff.

  18. You need an oil with friction modifier t5 does not have it the clutch WILL slip motorcycle oil is different from car and trucks.

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