Serious rides 500cc enduro?


Anyone do any serious (months long) rides on a newer 500cc enduro? I’m contemplating a ride from Ireland to South Africa on my ‘17 Husqvarna FE501.

More so looking for Pannier ideas since the subframe is composite and lacks any real mounting points for a luggage rack. And I’m curious about the maximum weight I could get away with.

Serious rides 500cc enduro?

Serious rides 500cc enduro?

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  1. I bet you would learn a lot watching this.

  2. Try Mosko Moto bags.

  3. someone is bound to make a freakn rack for us . if not ill weld one up myself..

  4. Giant loop with Kriega

  5. The Giant loop is so versatile and stable

  6. Mike Fagan avoid extra weigh just get yourself get youself somthing like this. no pannier racks required its about 50ltr in size and weighs 1.74kg see pictures for details. its is straped onto a KTM 690 on the picture we use the halfmoon duffel on plastics as well.

  7. I considered a 501 over the 701…but the maintenance intervals on the 501 are fairly close together.

  8. Contact Jussi Hyttinen aka The rolling hobo. He is an experienced adventurer who traveled far and light on 500 EXC.

  9. Mosko bags are on my 701 without a rack

  10. I have a couple of 2017 500exc’s. Both have approx 8000km on them. Just recently took them through Mongolia and have also done a few big desert trips in AUS. The set up in the pic carrys my tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, clothes, spares and I have approx 550km fuel range

  11. Emdurostan bags are in my opinion superior to mosko moto bags. Having been on trips with other riders their Mosko bags lol had stitching failure and straps snapping. The Endurostan saddlebags performed extremely well. For stability on rough terrain the coyote saddlebags work great. I have this type and love it. However packing is not as quick as standard saddlebags

  12. Giant loop or mosko moto , great options.

    Otherwise strap the green Chile Adventure gear soft rack on and use your choice of bags. That’s what I use and it’s been brilliant.

    There’s so many fantastic options now. Limited by our imaginations.

  13. I’ve been looking at this bike. How do you put long days in on the dirt bike seat? I’m squirming on my KTM in about an hour or two.

  14. You may want to consider one of these it increases the engine oil capacity

  15. Look into Green Chile Adventure Gear

  16. For that trip I’d use something that’s, A) More comfortable, and B) easier to fix/source parts in Africa. ­čÖé

  17. Have you counted how many times you will have to service the bike…?!

  18. +1 for Mosko Moto or Giant Loop Motorcycle Gear for Dualsport, Adventure & Sport Touring Both have high quality rackless designs. You’ll probably still need some protection for your paint like a 3M film.

  19. I’ve used Wolfman, Giant Loop and Mosko on really long trips, Mosko is by far the best, Giant Loop is just a PITA (i rode RTW with one, regretted it EVERYDAY)…i would research the the R80 and R40 depending on your volume

  20. Giant loop great basin

  21. check out the motonomad series, they’ve done all their trips on 500exc’s

  22. You are going to have one hell of a water crossing leaving Ireland.

  23. The Best!!

  24. Do it on a 600 Tenere…..

  25. Google hobomoto

  26. Mike, wanting to do the same trip. Have you researched a route yet? How long do you think you’ll be on the road? Sorry, no help with your question. I have been riding a Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200

  27. make sure to upgrade your seat. try Seat Concepts

  28. Endurostan are good but mine leaked like bad new. Unwelded seam. They did replace them. My buddies also has some stitching that is failing after light usage. The friends with Mosko seem to be having better luck. The Mosko gear just seems more solid….

  29. I highly recommend the Mosko Moto Reckless 40 & Reckless 80 bags! I use the Reckless 40 on my 450exc and just ordered a Reckless 80 for my 690 EnduroR. Awesome, versatile stuff!

  30. Better change that seat!!!!!!

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