Sena 20 is the best Bluetooth or something else ?


Would anyone agree that Sena 20 is the best Bluetooth or something else ? Finally looking into something

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Answers ( 12 )

  1. I have the camera one and it is awesome!

  2. I have the Scalia rider g9x voice command everything no need to press buttons

  3. 2 empty soup cans and some string

  4. My missus and I use uclear amp pros. No boom mics, fantastic audio quality. But the controls don’t suit everyone.

  5. My SMH10 works just as good as my 20s if you don’t want FM radio or earphone jack.

  6. What does the 20s do that the 10r doesn’t?

  7. It’s good stuff

  8. I use the Scala PackTalk for work and for personal riding. Been pretty awesome so far.

  9. Just an FYI…The Sena 30 will hit the stores shortly..links 16 riders and has other cool upgrades

  10. Sena is the best hands down . Has every feature you need to tell and listen to music

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