Sargent or Kahedo ?


Looking for a new seat for next big ride out ! Question is. Sargent or Kahedo ??

Sargent or Kahedo ?

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  1. I’ve got same question un decided

  2. Same question over here

  3. …the Triple Black Seat, (original 1200 GS) best, BMW Seat…;)

  4. Love your Z4lights!

  5. with the rear cover fitted to the original pillion seat

  6. I have the sargent seat on my wifes 800st and I love it and for sure getting it for my 1200gs

  7. Just not sure about the stitching across the width of the Sargent ? Could it be an issue?

  8. This is the limited edition seat for riding off road, the original has different stitching, go have a look on the site.

  9. I have no issues with the stitching at all.

  10. Just changing for the new GSA so will have a sargent seat amongst another things to sell. Message me if interested. Bob

  11. I use a medical gel pad inserted into the original seat. Total cost of buying the pad and getting an upholsterer to fit in the seat was about u00a3130. Makes the seat higher by about 2cm. I am 6’3" so great for me and my arse doesn’t hurt on long rides!

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