S1000RR sitting with a dead battery for a year


I purchased an S1000RR used that was sitting with a dead battery for a year, or battery removed. Would the power commander have saved the map without power like a USB drive? Or is it probably gone? Bike runs OK but idles like its a little starved for fuel off the line. Runs great at higher speeds and higher rpm. Mods: power commander 5, Brock’s Alien Head full exhaust, sprint filter. Any help would be appreciated. Also does anyone know where I could get a map?

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  1. File should still be stored. My bike even after a dyno tune was a little choppy at idle. I went into the PC myself at home and bumped up the tables all the way to 2000 rpm for a smoother idle. Does fine now.

  2. Run an autotune and never bother again.

  3. Yes the map would be there unless the power commander is bad.

  4. #1 fuel stale?

    • Changed all fluids including draining gas and refilling with the good stuff, it’s had a few tanks through it so far. So I’m hoping it’s just a weird map XD I’ll post a video tomorrow.

  5. Program will be there for 10 to 15 years without power.

  6. Just did the pair block off with my autotune and the idle smoothed out. Very choppy with pair system.

  7. Not sure about the bmw.. but my r1 sat for a few weeks with a dead battery & the power commander lost the map just downloaded it from the computer to it & it was all good.

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