RV security question. Do you use a safe onboard?


RV security question. Do you use a safe onboard? Did you secure it to the rig? How much was it?

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Answers ( No )

  1. Bolt it from the floor down. Bolt it down from under the Trailer Thats what I would do anyway, get one that you put the bolts in from inside the safe.

  2. we use to but found it to heavy to clamp down plus it was wide so we carry a small black box for important papers noting to big.

  3. Thought about it but decided against…

  4. I have a strong box that is opened with my finger print that I keep my gun in. That's it.

  5. In the floor, hidden by either the carpet or a removable section of hardwood floor, the ones that screw into a cutout in the wall just can't be made secure enough…use either non-standard fasteners, or welded nuts.

  6. Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction where Christopher Walken is explaining to the young Bruce Willis where his daddy hid the watch?

  7. we have a small one in our Class A, it's under the bed in the back, not that big but just enough to hold a small 9mm gun and some other items

  8. Does anyone know how the Gun laws work, with carrying one. here we can. Can you if you have a Licence to carry from another state in states that allow it.

  9. Greg Hinze – I can't answer your question, but if you have a smart phone, Technomadia created a mobile application called State Lines that covers that and other state to state laws.

  10. I believe you can carry guns across state lines – but whatever state you are in you have to abide by the rules of that state. If you do not have a permit for that state, i believe your gun has to be locked up and unloaded (in trunk or safe box). Maybe someone who knows more can tell you. Your permit is only good in your state, more or less.

  11. I glanced at that page and some may be reciprocal – i'm not sure. I only knew the rest because i was married to a police officer years ago.

  12. Thanks all .I dont like the fact that i feel a Gun is needed but in these days and age But I hope that gun gets old and dusty sitting in a safe place never to be used.

  13. Small world. I just realized that I've met you, Michael Kroll

  14. Greg, right – like a fire extinguisher. There are 2 Android Apps that keep up to date with the various states' laws – CCW, and Legal Heat. Become familiar with the Firearms Owner's Protection Act – that's the federal law about transporting guns through states like Maryland from / to places you can legally have them.

  15. Thank you Ill be having a couple Guns I Love to Bird hunt and small game so shotgun and a .22 rifle becides think in going to get a small Gun safe and mount it it can double for Food storage

  16. What have I got to put in a safe???? Nadda

  17. HD has got a smaller 4 button safe. I bolted mine through the wall in a cabinet where it'll be hard to pry on. $80 down from a 100

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