Rules for camping outside campgrounds?


Planning a trip from CA to MI. Trying to avoid campgrounds because of COVID. What are the rules for camping outside campgrounds? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Stay under the Radar
    Follow the rules or don’t get caught

  2. Check out "Bunk a biker", for safer options

  3. Forest camp, but without fireplace to avoid forest fires and unnecessary attention. Traveled half of Europe this way, when this kind of camping is banned in some countries. I dont know what is it like over the pond, but find a rideable road into forest, some space and leveled ground, and there you are, perfect place for some rest and few beers

  4. The only danger with campgrounds between Mi and CA is they might not be open. There’s no more danger of covid in a campground than anywhere else and actually less danger than most public places. Just rode from Mi to the Pacific coast through Wa and camped almost every night. Just keep hand sanitizer with you. Used KOAs too and lots of people most following virus protocols.

  5. Dispersed camping is legal in Michigan on state forest lands. Has to be more than 1 mile from a state forest campground. Can’t park more than 50 feet from a road/trail. They want you to have a (free) camping permit displayed at your camp site.

  6. Rule 1: Don’t get caught

  7. Take some extra time to be not visible from the road. No easy track to spot either is also important. . no loud stereo, no strong lights, and no weed smokin’ near your tent.

  8. Use Facebook get in areas ask people if you can sleep in their front yards, use the ADV sites for the same purpose, you’ll be surprised the response you get

  9. Campgrounds are going to be tough on weekends if you haven’t already reserved spots

  10. Nat’l Forest

  11. Just go!, it’ll work itself out along the way.. enjoy..ud83cudfd5ud83cudf7b

  12. I’m in Wisconsin. I have a big back yard you could camp

  13. I think I know you.u2026

  14. In my opinion, the only thing remotely worrisome about campsites would be the bathrooms, if you use them. No safer place than the great outdoors. I took my family to Sequoia last month and was not concerned

    Riders helping riders. If you join the BaB US group, I’m guessing we have close to a thousand pins across the US.
    Offering anywhere from a yard to pitch your tent, to a spare bedroom, shower, laundry, and maybe even dinner. I have to admit, I’m a moderator for BaB US, and I’ve made some great friends thru the group
    Filter down to tent camping only, or you’ll be looking at tons of Walmart parking lots. This is set up more for RV traveling, but you can make it work. I’ve found some nice campsites from here

    Or join
    and look up tentspace. Another Riders helping Riders group. I’ve used it quite a few times with great results. It’s a website, so it is not overly cell phone friendly. But it’s another great source.
    Somebody in one of my groups? made a map of dispersed camping spots in Michigan. I haven’t used it, so don’t know how reliable it is but may be worth looking into.

    Hope this helps

  16. As said before, campgrounds will have slightly higher density, but except for bathrooms you should be OK.

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