RS4 or FMFMega?


RS4 or FMFMega? That is the question…. full system, Not really into super loud so i was thinking the rs4 specially since it has the ends. Opinions please

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  1. I would also like this info im sure a few people on here have run both

  2. This is the Yoshimura RS 4J dynamometer chart for yhe CRF250L/M ’13-’16 models. It’s the Japanese model with straight carbon fibre endcap as in the groups page pic. The RS-4J is street legal in Japan. The USA version RS4 has a turn-out real carbon fibre encap where you don’t have to relocate the turn signals. They are truly dynamometer tuned. I have not seen a dyno chart from FMF themselves and if you di find one, please share. FMF also makes carbon fibre endcap but not for the CRF250L. Am using Yoshimura RS 4. Yoshimura RS 4J Dynamometer

  3. This dynamometer chart was shared in Thumpertalk (not mine) for the RS-4.
    Thumpertalk RS-4

  4. nicer looking torque curve, im really more concerned about noise. dont want a huge amount of it

  5. If you’re looking for a real power increase without opening the engine, go CBR250R plus stage one.

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