Royal Enfield is for riding not for racing


Hello folks, I want to ask simple question. why some people are posting about RE speed?
Is this any great work if anyone cross 120km/h during ride?
Guys you have to ride safe. RE is for riding not for racing.
Here are so many greatest and experienced RE rider but they never talk about the speed. If anyone really love speed so you have lot of options but please respect of RE(bullet) and ride safe.
I don’t want to hurt anyone with my this post. its my point of view what i think about RE and riding..

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  1. My feelings exactly

  2. Road is not racing track. Ride safe always . don’t go beyond 80 to 90 kmph ..

  3. I agree to what you say, but their are times when everyone with a bullet between his legs want to see how responsive a RE can be at high speeds. I know it’s ones own perspective looking at things and trying to take a feel of the power which is hidden. But yes, I completely agree with you, it’s for enjoying the ride rather than adrenaline pumping your ride.

  4. Shukriya Guys .. mahadev

  5. Vibrates like hell at those speeds , not meant for speeding

  6. Truly said….

  7. Thats the actual point..stop showing on road..Ride so as Ppl look at u wid respect..

  8. Share the road respect other it means rider n riding

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