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I know this question has been asked a zillion times on this forum but I would like to know on a personal level.

1. Which exhaust looks closest to Classic’s stock exhaust but has a better thump?

2. Which exhaust has got least fitting issues?

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  1. Well… maintaining the vintage look and yet good thump have been my concerns as well. Short Bottle Glasswool or Goldstar Glasswool – both maintains the vintage looks. In fact, looks better than the stock. You will love the thump. Classy bassy sound.

  2. Both of these silencers fit readily on Classic. You just have to get them from a good manufacturer. I suggest – sans or globe.

  3. Thanks for the detailed information bro. I appreciate

  4. What do you think about short bottle and punjab long bottle? And Off Road angular exhaust, that looks vintage too…

  5. So you know the question has been asked several times but you still want to be an egg head & ask it again…. Himal Chakraborty please don’t answer anymore, let him try the search option.

  6. Group members have doubled since the time they were asked. There is always room for fresh discussion Sidhu Saab

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