Riding Yamaha Tracer During The Winter


Anyone here riding their Tracer during the winter? I was strongly adviced by the dealer not to beacause it would get rusty. Any experience of this matter?

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  1. I was thinking about putting mine away November before the salt’s down on the road.

  2. I use ACF 50 spray very good a protecting from winter weather and salt BUT do not get it on brake pads or disc. I would question the dealer about his statement as all bikes should be able to handle bad weather.

  3. Will be riding mine, washed and waxed bike. Then put a coat of ACF-50, wiped it all over bike, avoiding any rubber parts as it is oil based, I.e. tyres, rubber foot stand etc. used by the RAF to protect the jets from corrosion, smokes a bit when you start bike up so do it in a well ventilated area.

  4. Mine is ridden all year at least 5 days a week , gets a wash when I remember , I did acf50 in the first 6 months but ain’t bothered since , bike was bought 2 years back and has 20 K on it . .. and I live by the sea … I reckon not polishing the life out of it protects the factory finish under the grime .. not a spot of rust anywhere … gets sprayed with muc off on bath day then battered with a car jet wash … all good … old school innit ….

  5. I don’t like riding in the rain, but the previous owner used it for two years in all weather and the bike is in good condition. As long as you dont leave it in the garage soaking wet, wash, wax, use ACF50 or similar products you’ll be fine

  6. And just to be pedantic , I ride mine , never driven a bike in my life ? …

  7. I drive all year. But off cause never on snow!! I clean my bike with warmwater after driving over wet streets to take the Salt away before it goes into to the unheated Garage. That keeps corrotion away.

  8. Oooo don’t ride in the rain…it might get wet! ?

  9. Same here. All weather, all year rider. Bike gets washed and maintained on a weekend. So long as you rinse the road salt off at least once a week, you should be fine. Ps. I would be reluctant to use that dealer again, as he is clearly talking shite!

  10. I ride all year as well, but I’m on an island that never gets cold. The sea air will cause rust though. I just make sure to keep it properly lubricated and clean.

  11. No tracer experience, but winter with XT660 the salt made it rotten but it worked. Been riding 11 winters in Sthlm. Best tires are studded Michelin TKC80 (“bildubb” not spikes)

  12. I have ridden and toured in rain and fine weather it’s like any Bike just look after it

  13. I have a 2015 model and ride all year using ACF55 in Scotland. The first year the dealer replaced the front brake discs and brake lines due to corrosion on the rotors, and metal fitments. The new parts were of better quality and I have not had any problems since.

  14. ACF50 is a great product. I give the bike a good coat in November then just rise the bike once a week with water then give the bike a quick spray and wipe with PX24.

  15. I’ve a 2015, the rust is showing but I use it all year round and rarely clean it

  16. 5k miles on my 16 plate…..corrosion on banjo bolts ,ctr stand spring,some bolts and the rear caliper mount holder is a mess….not sure if last owner drove thro winter but bike is immaculate apart from this…..yamaha are going to replace the caliper holder under warranty…dont expect this bad quality from yamaha but at least they are going to replace…..makes you wonder why the bike is as cheap then….maybe cheaper materials and finishes etc….


    yep wouldn’t recommend it, it doesn’t hold up well to salt, though everything effected was changed under warranty. All year round biker treatment would be a must but even then would avoid if you can. If you spend hours washing after riding it would prob be ok, but I prefer riding to washing, either way didn’t fair as well as a Honda I had the year before

  17. ust clean it regularly and coat it in ACF50 or similar, especially the oil cooler pump (next to the oil filter)

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