Riding with Electronics on Vs Riding with them off


With regards to newer bikes, here is a subject I'd like to put to rest. Riding with Electronics on Vs Riding with them off. Which is better & why?

My Vote:

Electronic Systems on. No way in hell you are getting the full potential out of these bikes with the System's turned off. If Rossi needs these systems then so do I.

Experienced Professional Racers please respond, I want your input too.

I know it's Lorenzo in the pic! 😉

Riding with Electronics on Vs Riding with them off

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  1. Just to be clear on where Rossi stands! Lolololol start at time 5:18


  2. You’re always going to get the guys boasting "TC is for pussies." Or some variation of it. The fact is the superbikes of the past that once upon a time didn’t have any of it, also weren’t making nearly as much power to keep it in check. You can still put the bike into a controlled slide around the track with TC dialled down a notch, Stoner still used it at stoner corner, PI, and he was the king of sliding. And even if you’re not track riding or pushing it to its limits, the novelty of bragging about riding without TC on soon wears off when you see your bike kartwheeling down the road. Any advantage that allows me to ride harder and faster is a good thing in my opinion.

  3. Try this with the systems turned off!!! LMAOOOOO

  4. Of course TC is going to help any rider go faster…it lets the electronics do the adjusting, rather then the rider doing the adjustments to find the fastest limit of the bike and tires. So this is were you get the split in opinions on "TC" and "No TC". With "No TC" relies more on the talent of the "rider" and is more fun…spinning, sliding, wheeling etc etc, but not the fastest way around. "With TC" the riders are more even in talent as the electronics are now taking more of the responsibility of keeping the bike in line….with less spinning, sliding and wheeling….so less fun….but faster. Because we all know keeping the bike moving forward is the fast way around verses sliding and spinning and shooting wheelies. I grew up with no TC when racing…and have raced with TC. I still like to feel the bike move around and keep my TC levels down very low…its more fun as a rider to me. NOW, if I’m at the track and decide I want to lay down some fast times, then YES I’m use more of the electronics, because it allows you to ride that edge longer with a safety net with the TC helping out.

  5. When you start to push big horse power, you need the rider aids to get the power to the ground. In saying that, I often turn them off on my s1000rr, because its fun! But when I get to the corners I chuck it in race mode for the sake of traction control and ABS.

  6. When I was hitting Stoner Corner at Phillip Island, you can see the TC on the dash working perfectly and doesn’t upset the bike at all. Try taking MotoGP’s fastest corner without it while on the throttle stops, it’s bloody frightening!

  7. Very insightful

  8. I love it when people say that the electronics are holding them back. Pretty hilarious.

  9. 99.9u0025 of people on the street are not riding their bikes to it’s full potential. In hindsight, I’m probably not even riding mine to 50u0025.

  10. The electronics have come a long way. Ten years ago, I would disagree. It restricted so much of the bike’s potential. Now, you can even set them up to your riding style.

  11. ive tracked r1’s of various models 2004,2010 and now 2015 . personally i can’t se how electronics hold you back ! i know I’m setting my slide control off on exit of corners but i only know as the lights flashing ! can’t feel it ! the only one feel is anti wheelie coming in , and lets face it thats only stopping the bike flipping over ! I’ve learnt to work with it and keep it pinned so the bikes electrics keep the front wheel skimming the tarmac ! i freely admit I’m not the fastest rider ! 2,11 in inters at snetterton

  12. But explain why racers don’t use electronic suspension?

  13. There’s arguments both ways. With rider aids like TC, ABS and whatever else you can think of the user can feel more confident and push the bike harder than they usually would. Which brings up the second argument certain people believe that it takes some of the skill out of riding. Speaking as a road rider that does the occasional track day on a 5VY i don’t have any assist options but if I did and tried them out it would probably change the whole experience and feel.

  14. Ride it raw no electrics, real feel

  15. Even with electronics..it still scare the shit out of me..lol

  16. I have an 03 R1- never had electronics but I race with guys that have it on newer bikes and I see how they can open the throttle at lean angles and the power band stands them up nice and smooth. If I tried opening the throttle that early I would definately highside.

  17. I love the electronics…at first the abs kinda pissed me off but I after brake mods and tire upgrades I found my issues in my stock tire compound with my brake upgrades gave me the issues I had after those upgrades i love the abs on my bike along with the active suspension, tc, scs, lif and Lc combined this makes this machine one hell of a bike to ride and extremely easy to get comfortable at speed on it…

  18. Well… that’s a picture of Lorenzo, so….

  19. Electronics all the way racing just turn off for the fun wheelie rev. No abs for track tho

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