Riding to Milwaukee to visit the Harley museum


I am riding to Milwaukee to visit the Harley museum in early July. Is there any accommodation close by that is biker friendly you recommend? Welcome suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. When in July? The third week is going to have The Blue Knights LEMC Convention there in Downtown which is expensive.

  2. Are you camping or looking for a hotel?

  3. There are several State Parks outside of the city… I live in Madison and travel to Milwaukee often. If you stay outside of the city, you will have more reasonable options

  4. If you don’t mind camping near the interstate… WI State Fair Park has camping…if you want more quiet…kettle moraine North or South units have camping and great back roads… another must see is Holy Hill… roads are fantastic… If you have time..eat at Fox and hounds.. great food

  5. Super 8 hotel next to the airport. 70$ includes breakfast. They accommodated 14 of us and 11 bikes. Camping was $49. Fuck that.

  6. I stayed in Oak creek,wi about 15 miles away.im not one for staying in downtown area’s

  7. No camping suggestions, but if you plan to take a tour and see bikes assembled you may want to call ahead. I made the mistake of traveling to the York Pa plant last July and they weren’t giving tours because of retooling for next model year

  8. Cliffside park on the shore of lake Michigan. On the south edge of oak creek which is a burb of Milwaukee.

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