Reliability, quality, and dependability of CFMoto


Good Morning and thanks so much for the add!

Not an owner yet but thinking I might be very soon. Looking at a ZForce and thought it would be really helpful to hear from owners. Many questions but I’d like to get feedback on two to start.

1. To those that own an 800 EX. Ever wish you had the trail model? Are there ever places you want to go on ATV trails, etc. but can’t?

2. Can anyone speak to the reliability, quality, and dependability of these machines?

Thanks all!

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  1. I have been a dealer in east Texas for almost 2 year. In my opinion they are the best bang for your buck.

  2. Thanks Joey! I’m a Ford dealer and we looked at becoming a CF Moto dealer last year but ultimately passed mostly due to space constraints and wanting to expand in other areas. I fell in love with the machines and on the surface I feel the same way. They are a tremendous value. Great looking machine and very feature rich. Having owned a couple ATVs in the past though, I know you can only really know it’s quality by owning one a couple years or talking to others who have….

  3. Love mine. No problems

  4. we’ve own an 800 EX for a year now. We’ve only managed about 500 miles so far, on trail, track and mud. I am happy with our purchase. I’ve added a half shield, LED’s, and a plow so far.

  5. There is a lot of trails out here in the black hills that are 50 inch based trails but I can still get my ex down them no problem.

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