Recommendations for a light/compact tent, sleeping bag, and mat


I like motorcycling and I like camping. But as yet I’ve never combined the two. So, looking for recommendations for a light/compact tent, sleeping bag, and mat. All the stuff I currently have is ‘car’ sized 

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  1. I went in summer with cheapest stuff of ebay. Tent 10£, sleeping bag 10£. Instead of mat use blanket. This will save you some space.

  2. I can’t remember the model of my tent, but it’s a vango Icarus something or other. Had to take it in the car last time as my old bike (MT-07) was too small to carry much.\n\nIt would fit on the back of the tracer with a pair of ratchet straps. Smaller sleeping bags would be good though!\n\nFor an idea of the size, I went to the shop and found my other bike mates had managed to get my bike inside my porch! Haha

  3. Bike Specific stuff is really dear, I got a Vango tent bit like Richards and highly rate it after it’s only use was in torrential rain and a gale in Skye. Nip down to Go outdoors in Granton and have a nosey. Also got little fold down chairs really light about £60 but fold down to next to nothing. They had some good compression sleeping bags as well. Great place for ideas and you also have Decathlon as well to have a look a ideas. Now would be the time to perhaps grab an end of season bargain#

  4. Down sleeping bag, exped 7 downmat, exped Orion tent, hello chair ( 25 amazon, folds up tiny) jet boil cooker. Make sure that you can use everything for more than one light travel light. My bike in pic did 26 countries, 84 days and I was self sufficient.

  5. this is the tent I have. big porch to put your bike gear in if it’s wet, invaluable!

  6. I thought this looked like good value…

  7. 3 season sleeping bag, roll mat, Easycamp Shadow 2 man tent, packs small and light 🙂

  8. Tracer can handle a big tent too

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