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Seeking recommendations for a GPS security device (satellite service not cellular) for tracking my bike if it’s stolen and for my family to track me on a cross-country trip. Thanks!

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  1. Red dot is what quite a few use when going to africa or mongloia tupe places,

  2. Awesome thought .. following for sure

  3. That’s easy go to the vet get a dog chip implant it in your bike seat so it’s trackable


  5. The spot devices are the best. There is a boat security. But i would think it could be used on a bike

  6. Used a SPOT for many years very successfully

  7. I used Spotwalla for family tracking. But it is dependent on service from a smartphone, so isolated areas can be an issue. However, I only had a break in service in Canada on the North part of Lake Superior.

  8. On star you can buy at best buy for any car now wonder if it work on a bike is a sat. device

  9. Just do a web search for ‘lo jack’ and you will get many hits. I also did an Amazon search and got many suggestions. Make sure you read descriptions to make sure you are getting what you want. I see a small magnetic device for $9.99 that’s cellular that might fit your request by Spy Tex International. (Priced cheap, might also be cheaply made)

  10. No bigger than a dog tag

  11. Best option… SPOT Trace. Sell tons of them.

  12. Last company I wrenched for had a fleet of trucks and we used new gate security…check them out. Pretty extensive as to what you can track and log

  13. If you have an iPhone there is already an app on your phone: Find my Friends send your family a request and after they accept they can follow you in real time. Both of my responsible kids can track me.

  14. I think Google has an app you can download for that.

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