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Firstly, happy new year to all and thanks for the advice and info on my previous questions.

As some of you may know I’m rebuilding the ST 1100. Frame has been powder coated black and looks good.

Two questions I have, has anyone in a similar position put Wxoil or similar inside the frame to help protect this from corrosion etc?

The 2nd question, the wiring loom I have has a lot of wires and connections where the rear tail light is (presume it’s an ex police bike, if so guessing this would have been for the emergency lights, siren and radio etc). Is it better to remove these wires/connections as they are no longer needed, or better to get a new wiring loom? I found a company that does new wiring looms for classic cars etc.

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  1. I personally, would keep and mark the wires – they’re not harming anything and you may be able to use the wires for a different purpose? Radio, active aerial, 12V device. If it’s at the frame level, you could terminate the wires at either end and then secure the ends

  2. Failing that as long as your bike is 96 onwards 

  3. Thanks, my bike is a 1994 non abs M reg

  4. In that case its slightly cheaper,you just need to confirm with the seller it`s non ABS which it probably isn`t as it was an option on early Pans 🙂

  5. or this 1995 non abs,again you need to confirm with the seller this is a 28amp loom as this was the swap over year to 40amp.

  6. I would leave well alone,make sure no bare wires broken connectors etc. Or as Gaz said replace trouble I’ve found over the years, is the people at Honda are off the small hand variety but with extra long fingers and extra joints cause sometimes i am amazed how much wiring they can fit onto a frame. I also apply an old adage,if it aint broken dont fix it!!

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