Rebuild 4CS Forks?


Does anybody here rebuild their own 4cs forks? I’m really debating on doing it myself and people where I live charge insane amounts of money to do a simple seal change. The videos on youtube make it look like a breeze, which don’t get me wrong, professionals are working on them. But it looks easy enough. Especially if i can save 200+ dollars just for a “pain in the ass” fee because guys hate doing them. I guess my question is, do it myself, or leave it to the pros? Thanks in advance!

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  1. im thinking the same thing.. can’t be that difficult

  2. No doubt! I honestly can’t justify paying a guy 300+ dollars when i can buy good seals and bushings for 100$, and then the oil. It’s a no brainer to me. But maybe there’s something i’m not seeing that all the people that work on these forks do.

  3. 150 is what I charge for an seals and.bushings rebuild.

  4. These forks are very easy to rebuild.. You will need the fork cap wrench and a seal driver. Made mine outta a plastic pipe tee

  5. You are paying for knowledge, time and tools, if you think you can do as good, go for it. Specialty tools might make it a bit expensive the first time around. 4cs suck by the way, we swapped ours out for older CC forks.

  6. 4CS forks are fine if set up properly. They are tricky to rebuild correctly and you will need at least 100 bucks worth of tools to do them, plus you will have 100-150 in seals and oil plus around a hour or two of your time. So it might not be that much cheaper to do it yourself unless you plan on keeping the bike for a while. There are also several things to check on those forks to make sure the perform properly and don’t come apart.

  7. Fork seals are easy, and the YouTube videos are a great reference. Do yourself a favor and get the right tools (I.e Fork cap wrench, seal driver, etc) and just take your time. Cleanliness is uber important too. Once you’ve done it, you’ll kick yourself in the ass for ever paying someone else to do it before.

  8. Haven’t done 4cs but seals aren’t that hard to do. Actually they’re pretty easy.

  9. If you’re just changing seals its a breeze

  10. And bushings

  11. Where are you located

  12. Ware do you live?

  13. Proper way to service 4CS forks.

  14. Job is easy. Follow the video. I do have the cap tool, though. Was pretty cheap. \nI do agree, though: they suck unless you modify them.

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