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Recovery. How long after a hard ride does it take for your quads to be “ready” to push hard again? Being 43 I don’t recover as fast as I used to. Century ride on Saturday, extremely laid back, short rides with the family Sunday and Monday. Today did a relatively hilly 31 mile ride and my quads were trash on the hills still but decent on flats even with the feeling of riding on a flat even though I had 120psi. Any secrets to recover faster? I have a protein shake within a half hour of hard rides, sis gels during the ride, immediate stretching when done, well hydrated, etc….

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  1. Meat eating absolutely kills
    My quads and knees – stopped eating meat and recovered MUCH faster.

  2. A roller for the muscles

  3. Read about beet root juice. Leicester Football Club began using it in training and they found compelling data to support its use for both prevention of energy loss and it apparently helps in recovery….

  4. Protein shake right after a hard ride… helps a lot.

  5. Ride more…

  6. I've tried them all. At 71 I just take the bad with the good. In the end, nothing works except a day or two off the bike and then a few light recovery rides.

  7. 24-48 hours for me, depending on how hard I went.

    Protein immediately after, coupled with stretching helps. Post-cooldown, plenty of hydration, a balanced macro diet (my body SEEMS to work best at 40% carb/30% protein/30% fat for recovery, with most of the carbs being complex), and mild anti-inflammatory foods (pineapple juice and truly DARK chocolate help) or even an half dose of an OTC NSAID just before bed also seem to help (though I try to avoid the NSAID when possible).

  8. Low sodium V8 right after the ride; lean supper (chicken, turkey + veggies & good carbs), egg white, chicken sausage & cream cheese English muffin for breakfast…ready to go the next day
    (Following any ride 75 mi & under).

    Centuries should merit one full recovery day so tissue can heal

  9. Glutamine is what ya need

  10. 43, I have suits older than you. After all the answers just keep riding, physiology comes to you when the time is right.

  11. 40+ g of protein in my recovery shake… Takes more to recover on the downhill side of 40.

  12. Stretches and rub downs, hydrate. Train train train so your body is used to the longer miles. I do leg presses /curls at the gym and just hold them till the muscles burn (10-20 secs) to get used to the lactic acid. Recovery ride the day after flushes a lot out too

  13. Right after I finish my ride, I drink chocolate milk if the ride is under 40miles and a yogurt with muesli; over 40 miles I drink a Recoverite+Whey Protein+Chocolate(if recoverite is chocolate)+Tumeric+Cinnamon, eat a sandwich, usually PB+Nutella with some deli and cheese, keep drinking electrolytes for at least 2 hours after the ride and within the first 90 minutes I try to eat a complete meal.
    This is what works for me, my climate is hot and humid, most of the rides involve hills, mostly Cat 3 or 4 and average temperature of about 27°C and humidity hovering around 70% on a good "dry day"

  14. I take two spoons of apple cider vinegar twice a week and before long rides, it helps with cramps and muscle pain, stretch and use the foam roller after the ride.

  15. Sounds to me like you just need to rest.

  16. All the meat and dairy suggestions

  17. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. An apple. Chocolate milk and a Greek yogurt

  18. Protein, cold as you can epsom salt bath and a real 30-45 minute recovery ride

  19. Epsom salt baths are fabulous. Yoga. The Stick.

  20. All these answers are interesting because of their effectiveness to the commenter. I answer this exact question, for a living, all day every day. Just going to watch. The answer depends on a number of factors that were not addressed in the question. If you're serious about recovery, PM me and I'll direct you to an answer to your question, specific to you. I'm sure all here are well intentioned. Not necessarily the same as authoritive?

  21. Well let me ask this question when you "recover" are you really in ZONE 1 for an hour or so? I mean you road a century which I assume was approx. 6 hrs and if you only did a 20 min recovery. You really did nothing. But set yourself backwards.

  22. Keep a log of what you eat, how much and when. Also log how you feel before and afterwards. This will give you an idea as to what specific foods work and don't work. I'd cut out red meat, dairy and gluten. They have been known to cause inflamation, bloating and gas. I'd suggest you grab a good veggie salad with kale, collards, arugula, eggs and avocado- you get plenty of nutrients to help you recover and rebuild with less soreness and fatigue.

  23. Just invent a time machine and go back to when you were 20 🙂

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