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Rain gear suggestions for riding. Please. Planning a camping trip. But don’t have any rain gear if I needed for the ride down.

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  1. I like frogg toggs. Some hate em, they work for me.

  2. If you are packing light and don’t have the room take a set of clothes and spray them with Rust-Oleum never wet. You won’t need special rain gear.

  3. Frog Toggs make a good rain suit But not cheap I’ve got one sold by Rockin Leather and its served me well when I couldn’t find a bar to ride out the storm

  4. Figures. I was looking at frogg toggs today at Dicks. But wasn’t sure.

  5. Cheap frog toggs for me, I’ve ridden over 300 miles on part of one trip, it rained the whole time and I was dry when I got there

  6. Haven’t worn rain gear in 6 years now since I bought Klim jacket and pants never get wet and they are guaranteed not to leak.

  7. Leatherup.com has great rain suits that r affordable and they keep you dry

  8. I use frog togs

  9. Tour Master

  10. More of the same for me…frog togs but I also use tourmaster boot covers. Before I bought them I have poured water out of my shoesn hated thst part.

  11. Frogg Toggs. Water proof, breathable, light, pack up tight, cheap. \n\nGet a different color bottom than the top or you’ll look like a wanker.

  12. I use frog togs.. The only down side is they melt on the exhaust..

  13. Over 40 years riding never owned nor will I ever own rain gear

  14. Olympia from Revzilla. Great rain gear.

  15. Frogg toggs highway toads\n\nhttps://www.froggtoggsraingear.com/HighwayToadz.shtm

  16. Check out J&P Cycles and Dennis Kirk sites.

  17. Toads by frogg toggs. A small step up. For bout 40 bucks. They handle wind driven rain better

  18. Nelson Rigg works great for me.

  19. If you don’t already have leathers or a dedicated riding suit, consider an Aerostich Darien. Expensive, but excellent overall protection and waterproof, which means you don’t have to stop to don/doff when it starts/stops raining. Made in Duluth, Minn, and is worth the trip to visit their shop. Otherwise, mail-order.

  20. Cycle Gear. Can’t remember what particular pants and jacket I got, but were on sale for $80 for the set. Keeps me dry, even if the jacket billows a lot.

  21. Ya can’t beat Frogg Toggs

  22. I have frogg toggs that I also use backpacking and camping. I also have Nelson Rigg. NR better for biking, but heavier. FT need to care for the pant legs near the pipes. Both work well. Been in some torrential downpours.

  23. Frog togs inexpensive and they work, they work better with something to hold the pant legs down, like a big rubber band

  24. I use the light weight frog toggs. Only problem I’ve had is, my boots tore a hole at the bottom. Not a biggie though. I still stay nice and dry.

  25. I use motorcycle specific frogg Toggs. I have the bib bottoms and jacket. They have worked really well for me

  26. Frog Toggs, and don’t forget the heat patch.

  27. Get motorcycle rain gear if yours rips off of you get trash bags and cut out for your head and arms

  28. Frogg Toggs are the best for the money. Light, pack small, and work like a dream!

  29. Carhartt rain gear is very good

  30. Frog Toggs had them for 9 years time to buy new ones.

  31. Make sure you spend the money and buy a motorcycle rain suit. Pipes eat everything I buy. What I have spent at this point, I could have bought the right gear. Look up Xelement. You can find them cheap ever so often on line

  32. Just put heat wrap on your pipes. I’ve had the same frogg Toggs for over 10 years.

  33. Frogg Toggs!

  34. Outback oil skin duster and a hat from them also. Oh and heavy oil treated chaps. Only got wet once when I had to do 50 miles in a rainstorm that reminded me of a fire hose. Otherwise you can stand or ride in the rain all day. The duster has snaps in the back that you can unsnap with straps to allow you to ride and wrap the coat around your legs.

  35. Hard to beat any brand with Gortex

  36. Get a good prescribed Riding gear , stretchy cuffs, reinforced inside pants legs cuffs to ward off exhaust pipes. Spent quality money now, save a lot of heart ache. Or two boxes of Dollar store heavy duty yard Garbage Bags and duct tape, apply as needed.

  37. $40 for Frogg Toggs that lasted 10 years. 40/12=x x/10 = .33 cents per month. \n\nIf someone can buy rain gear that’s a better value than that, let me know.

  38. Harley Davidson rain gear is the best.

  39. I must be the only one with poor luck with Frogg Toggs. Great for sprinkles but I ride in heavy rain and they always leaked.\n\nOur current Dry Bones set is about 15 years old an need replaced From my research… we will be replacing with Olympia Horizon two piece sets.

  40. My wife and I have had good luck with our Xelement rain gear.

  41. Rode in heavy rains this a.m. 10 miles. Frog toggs. Only thing got wet were my feet.

  42. On extended trips I wear tourmaster riding pants and jacket both are waterproof. I can get a little warm on hot days but it beats interrupting the trip to put on or take off Rain gear.

  43. Rubber boots from your local feed store & Frogs rain gear

  44. check Xelement on the web

  45. Frog toggs

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