Race Tech as an option on the fork?


Race Tech as an option on the fork? I called Race tech today about the xtrainer forks. They have not seen the forks yet but I explained what they were. They would be interested in someone sending a set in so they could spec them out. They said they would need the forks for at least a couple weeks. I will see what else develops in the next 2 or 3 more months with other options on the forks. Once my riding season is over if there is no other new options I will likely send them to race tech. I am still considering stillwell as an option. I might revalve them myself in the next week since I already have all the shims and see how that works first. One question I have is does anybody have an accurate mark on the fork that shows where they bottom at. I have felt some hits where I think they might be bottoming out but I don't think they are actually bottoming out. Here is a picture of where the dirt line is on the fork during rides where I think it bottomed out. From fully extended that is only 8.25" of fork travel. I'm thinking I need to pull the forks apart to see why I'm not getting the full travel.

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  1. Ken! I know I may get beat up for mentioning Stillwell performance but Kevin & his bunch helped me out ! I was told by a couple o FC members that all they did was put a bandaid on the factory suspension! What I will tell ya is I went from completely bottoming this lite bike almost every time I rode it to a like it's actually fun to ride! If I would want the beefier suspension I woulda went w- a 300rr from the Gett go! If

  2. Sorry, that was the response I received from Race Tech on using Gold Valves in the current xtraine suspension.

  3. I did a little more research and it shows that we have done 3 x trainers. They were listed in the system as crosstrainers so I couldn''t find them in the search. These require light machining and can only have the gold valves installed in house.

    Mike Crow

  4. A little update on this. I did put a zip tie on the fork. This is where my travel is now. Overall yesterdays ride was much improved. I readjusted the fork preload and rebound before i rode. I had it set at 3 clicks out from completely closed for rebound. Now it's at 11 clicks out. I had the preload turned in really far. Now it's set at two full turns in from all the way out. I was getting a lot of hard hits and deflections before and not using all the travel of the suspension. It felt a lot better yesterday. I do have a heavier spring but only one level up from what the spring chart says to use for my weight. Currently 202 lbs without gear.

  5. I called Stillwell Performance today. I am still going to wait another month or two to see what develops.If nothing comes up before then I will probably have Stillwell just redo the forks in hope that will be good enough for my not so skilled riding style.

  6. Cuarenta Uno

  7. Mirar en 41 RACING.ES

  8. Ken Michael you might want to see what Andriani come up with. They are working on something.

  9. Yes and i did. I spent over $1500 into my suspension. Those forks are junk

  10. I put the bleeders on mine, I have set my handlebars to the rear hole set so they are centred over the steering pivot

  11. Those forks aren't worth putting any money into in my opinion

  12. one of our first mods to the crosstrainer fork **scratches and damage done by owner***

  13. Put a zip-ty around the fork leg to see how far your travel is.

  14. i have a set of forks off my bike

  15. What are they offering if someone sends them a set? Free work? I have mine off as i redid my suspension and changed tripples

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