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Just a quick question what’s everyone paying for insurance on a new R1M I’m with McE 10 years no claims

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  1. Just as well no claims with them

  2. 17 R1. Hastings Direct. 33 6 years no claims 3 points. 350 a year.

  3. Think I pay about 330 best quote I had was with mce and that was 210 but wouldn’t let me ride any other bikes so I didn’t take it.

  4. u00a3230. R1M. Bike sure. I’m 53. With max no claims.

  5. 450 for R1M, 39 with no points, 7 years NCB but had to declare car theft claim from last year

  6. u00a31450 MCE 07 plate R1
    First bike,new bike license 0points most expensive quote u00a39880

  7. Mine was around u00a3230 fully comp. was more than happy with that

  8. Good post this as I’m a ban and already got a r1 on the way at the end of my , I’m done boys , just getting pleasure from you lots bikes , I’ve got 0 years no claims on a bike aswel couldn’t get much worse for me

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