R1200 Blue First Service


First service and 1000 miles done. Time to add a few bits to make it mine.

R1200 Blue First Service

R1200 Blue First Service

R1200 Blue First Service

R1200 Blue First Service

R1200 Blue First Service

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  1. … and what’s about the LeverGuard?

  2. Have always nice trips Kevin!

  3. Veru00fd nice …

  4. Who did wrapping Martin Stillman-Jones. Looking around at the moment.

  5. Hi Martin Stillman-Jones
    Thank you. Cant see any further pix on your facebook?

  6. Martin Stillman-Jones. They look superb. Quoted about u00a3300 so far. Good or bad.

  7. Very Cool Look. One question. I’lookin for a panniers for my GSA, same like yours. Does Full face Helmet fit in one of the boxes?

  8. Only just in top box. Shoei Hornet. Will not fit in panniers.

  9. Thanks Kevin. If not I thought about new Givi 52 Lit. alu top case.

  10. I have Schuberth S1 full face. I need that helmet storage just for everyday commuting. For the travel/journey i don’t care, and panniers storage space is more than enough for our needs.

  11. Nice extras , get mine on the 20th from Allen geffs as well !! 🙂

  12. Enjoy Scott it is superb.

  13. Many have talked about the screen issue. Seems fine to me. Do not find it a problem.

  14. Thanks Martin. Anyone fitting the Tourotech headlight cover the spacer bolds do not it the bolts supplied. Never the new supplied bolts with the large washer already fitted to bike. So no spacer. But seems to work fine. Found some slightly larger washers for the front upper to brackets as well. Come on Touratech spacers should at least be bit enough to fit the bolts you supply.

  15. What did you have before Kevin ? , I’m just hoping I love it as much as I love my 2011 GSA ! …

  16. Hi Scott Naylor. Coming off a 2012 GS with 22,000 miles and 11 countries covered together. New bike is a huge step change. More frisky and alive. Old GS was like taking you old dog out. Dependable, heavier, you knew where it would go. This is like a young puppy in comparision. Alive, frisky. But I love it already. Hope that makes sense.

  17. Hi Kevin Lee I know what you mean I’ve had the demo out for a few hours and ordered a new one when I got back , feels a quick bike and you can throw it about , I am sure I’ll love like my old one once I’ve done a few miles on it .. 🙂

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