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Got a question on valve adjustment. When checking and changing do i want to be on the looser side? For example intake needes to be between 0.11 and 0.20 mm should i be closer to 0.20 mm? This is the first engine I've done without rockers.

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  1. Im thinking be better closer to .11 .
    It can wear to .2 .
    Will last longer between adjustment .

  2. Its that the gap your taking about ?

  3. Thats what i was thinking, from my car experiance, but Ive also read up that these valves like to get tighter tho.

  4. Ya between the cam and the cap

  5. I go between tight and the middle number. So normally add .02-.03. But that’s just me

  6. Just in case you dont have a manual

  7. I like setting them looser.. Tight valve train is better bottom end power, looser better top end.. Also, all the motors i have done, valve always got tighter.. never had any get looser.. Always thought it was due to the valve seat wearing.

  8. Ya i got the full manual. But thanks for looking out. Valve seats dont really wear its from the valve stems stretching more than anything

  9. Im more used to working on stuff like this

  10. Agree with Kerry, normally they tighten

  11. Ok thanks guys

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