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I'm thinking about an R1, I prefer the early shapes. But like the under seat pipes. So would that be 2004-2006,how do they rate? Are there any common problems to look out for, or any particular years better than other. Thanks guys?

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  1. My 2004 , best one I’ve had

  2. Love my 2006 r1. Matte black. The dan moto exhausts. Sounds unreal. No problems with mine.

  3. I came off an R6 to this, natural progression i suppose. I cant fault it one bit (now ive got some decent tyres on it), a far better bike than i am a rider and other than general maintinence the only issuse ive had with it is my thermostat has failed.

  4. Bloody fantastic machine

  5. Best bike I’ve had I love it that much I’m even using it all winter (apart from snow)

  6. 08 4c8 has undertail and you can find some for pretty decent money. When I was looking for about 6k you could get a good looking one with low mileage.

  7. Brilliant bikes

  8. love mine & wont part with my 04

    top tips

    respond well to decat , cans , and a power commander

    no major issues , rattling clutches are common as the rear basket springs weaken

    top mods

    quick action throttle
    -1 tooth front sprocket
    buy this age a good suspension service and setup
    decent rubber ,
    double bubble screen
    decent front pads

    blue ones the fastest ud83dude09

    and there not bad looking ( enough the missus let me park it in the kitchen)

  9. My bog standard 05

  10. This one mine 05 plate had her since 2008 never let me down yet usual service items and tires 1 battery couple of yrs back

  11. Awesome bikes 08 model

  12. I know this is a stupid question. I’m not the fastest rider in the world and I know these are monsters but are they still rideable at a steady pace?

  13. I think so personally but I don’t think ya need to be fast rider aslong as you can ride lol

  14. Brilliant bikes. I had my 04 5vy for 3 and half years and put 30k miles on it. The only issue I had was a lazy starter motor which I replaced with and 07-08 model starter. Apart from that it was 30k miles of smiles

  15. Love my 08. Tried the 06 but much preferred this model. Also tried the 09 model but couldn’t get on with the size.

    Will be selling her. Family commitments etc so let me know if your interested. Good luck with your search! ud83dudd92

  16. I got an 07 , the only problem I’ve had is a red hot arse on long trips , especially in warm weather , but what a bike , I’ll never part with it

  17. So is 07 and 08 the same model?

  18. Owned my 05 for 10 years, been track only for the past few years. Still love it after all these years, no major issues with mine but heard of a few with the alternator going with higher miles.

  19. Nice bikes. Mine is very much standard at the moment. I had a 5jj before and loved also. But prefer this shape.

  20. 14 b for me the sound is amazing

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